The most awaited trailer of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Sultan will be unveiled today! Both Salman and Anushka are seen in the movie in a never seen before avatar. The movie had the lead actress of the movie prep up for a whole new experience. She might have never known what all was awaiting her when she signed up for the role of Aarfa in the movie Sultan opposite Salman Khan.

But Anushka took by surprise everyone when she showed that she was game for hard work, image change and also dealing with not so appealing mundane rural lifestyle practice. You will be shocked to know that when the actress did not throw around any attitude even when it came to dealing with a scene where she was required to make cow dung cakes like any other rural girl. (ALSO READ: Sultan trailer: 5 things to expect from Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer).

The photos of the same are going viral on the social media, where the actress is engrossed in making the cow dung cakes. Also the people on the sets were quite surprised to see the actress do the scene without complaining. Anushka seems to be taking a whole new challenge by keeping up with Salman, mastering the role of a wrestler and also working hard getting into the skin of the character Aarfa.

We guess with the character of Aarfa, Anushka Sharma will be able to bid goodbye to the streak of failed movies in the past. Only time will tell if Anushka will be able to impress the fans as a Haryanvi wrestler in Sultan. (ALSO READ: Spotted! Sultan ki jaan Aarfa aka Anushka Sharma driving tractor).