Evelyn  Sharma is hotness personified! She literally dehydrates us with her unmatched sex-appeal!  Boy! didn’t the beauty captured our collective attention the moment she broke on the big screen in the manner only she could! Evelyn who always cherished the dream of having her portrait to capture the moment of her youth and beauty finally got one ! Interestingly, Evelyn’s good friend Rohan Joglekar, who’s also an artist by profession mesmerised by her beauty, togther came up with the idea to sketch a nude painting of Evelyn . ALSO READ: Hot and sexy Evelyn Sharma goes de-glam for Ishqedaariyan

Evelyn was pleasantly surprised with Rohan’s idea since she always wanted to have a sketch of hers that would capture her beauty. so she agreed to oblige the request and together they sat for ideas as to how the sketch could be like. Interestingly, Rohan took almost 7 months to finish the portrait and gifted the painting to Evelyn recently. Evelyn says, “I think little self obsession is healthy n I always wanted a portrait of myself. This piece has outdone all my expectations n I love I love it !