Television beauty Niti Taylor, who has won accolades for her powerful role of Shivani she essays in Life OK’s show Ghulaam, is learning pottery on the sets of the show for a sequence in Ghulaam. The actress is very keen on learning and exploring things.

The actress had to recently shoot a sequence where she will be seen helping the ladies in Behrampur with pottery, as the show’s latest story line is speaking of ‘Beti Bacho, Bavisha Bano’ – Empower village women to bring a change. Niti, as usual, never leave a chance at learning but took the opportunity to try her hands in pottery.

Sharing her experience with a leading portal, Niti said, “It was a real fun trying my hands at pottery. I was taught the procedure, and after a lot of attempts, I finally managed to get it right (smiles). But, on the whole, it was a good experience. I truly had fun shooting for the same.”

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Niti’s fans were worried about her since she was down with viral recently. Also, due to this, he could not shoot for three days, Niti explained, “Yes, I was down with viral but I am fine right now and have resumed shooting.” (ALSO READ: Ghulam actress Niti Taylor becomes agony aunt for her teen fans)

Recently, we saw the Ghulam actress had to become the agony aunt for her teen fans after her fans urged her to watch the much-talked show ’13 Reasons Why’. Regarding this topic, she shared, “My fans are quite interactive. They keep asking me various questions or want me to talk about certain topics. After being urged by fans, I watched the youth hit show, ’13 Reasons Why’, which addresses various teenage issues especially bullying and realised it was needed to be spoken about.”

Ghulaam also features Param Singh and Ridheema Tiwari in pivotal roles.