Jason Statham is an ex-military or former Special Forces battle hardened Brit like he has played in many older movies. Think of Sylvester Stallone from First Blood (1982) but much more controlled who can kill you with from 15 feet away with an ashtray or a butter knife but chooses not to because he knows better. With Jason Statham in the cast, you know you should expect something like Crank (2006) with effortless class like the Transporter trilogy but Wild Card, unfortunately, just doesn’t keep up with his usual class.

Nick Wild is a offers for-hire highly specialized security services in Las Vegas who has a shop with a lawyer. He’s 40, broke and hopes of buying five free years which has accounted don to every penny and needs $500,000 for it, $100,000 for each year. But, he is righteous and won’t take more than he thinks he deserves even when people offer it.

When a dear friend and former fling gets roughed up to the brink of life, he goes in after being guilt tripped into taking her revenge from a wannabe fighter with lots of resources but one who lacks the brute skill as his writes cheques his body can’t cash. No matter how civilized Nick Wild tries to act, people just want to poke at his wild side and that’s when they end up with broken noses, broken bones and get tied to a chair.

Baby, the one who runs everything in Vegas, gets a false complaint and Nick gets pulled into it. The thing about people with too much money that they didn’t earn is that they tend to go through it faster than they can imagine is possible. A hit on Wild is grossly unsuccessful but so is the story at trying to keep you awake.

The film wouldn’t have anything to write about without Jason Statham’s moves which you can never get sick of but Wild Card is a very forgettable film. You will mostly try to push the memory of watching this film to your sub-conscious to be locked with all the things you wished you didn’t do. The fight scenes give you brief moments of joy with the use of a coin and credit card as an effective weapon in Jason Statham’s hands is what stays with you. Stanley Tucci (Baby), Sofia Vergara, Hope Davis and Anne Heche have cameos in the film but they probably did it out of love of Jason Statham.

Rating: **