Shah Rukh Khan‘s most-awaited film Fan, is finally releasing this week on April 15. In Fan, SRK will be playing a double role, one of Superstar Aryan Khanna and other Aryan’s fan Gaurav. The character of Gaurav in the fan is a crazy, obsessive and has grey shades in the film. The audience is waiting for this film as they’ll be seeing SRK acting the way they love him after his flicks like Chennai Express, Happy New Year and Dilwale. This movie is considered important for Shah Rukh as his last 3-4 releases have failed to impress the audiences including his fans, although the films were blockbuster hits at the Box Office.

But, we think Fan is not an important film only for SRK also for the Yash Raj Films. The film which is produced under YRF banner is a crucial one for the production house. YRF and SRK have given us remarkable hits in the past like Darr, DDLJ, Chak De! India, and many more. Even DDLJ is an evergreen love story YRF and SRK has gifted us, Fan will be more precious and unforgettable for both. (ALSO READ: 3 times Shah Rukh Khan played a superstar in reel life and nailed it totally!)

It is because both Shah Rukh Khan and YRF have been promoting the film on an exceptional level. The superstar as well as the production house have left no stone unturned to promote the film and create a wave of excitement among the people for the film.

First official Fan teaser

The first teaser of Fan came out on July 2015. The teaser showed SRK’s millions of crazy fan followings in the world and SRK doing his signature pose. The first teaser itself created a buzz for the film. The character Gaurav’s face was not shown in the teaser.

#iamfan contest

fan logo main

Another unique promotional stint was done in the month of July, with a #iamfan contest arranged by in partnership with YRF. In the contest, his fans were supposed to answer different question related to the actor and his movies. 100 lucky winners were chosen whose profile pictures from their social media accounts became a part of the “Fan” movie logo. A video featuring Fan logo with pictures of 100 SRKians was released on October 23, 2015. And it was amazing!

Fan’s second teaser

fan teaser main

Fan’s second teaser came out on his birthday, on November 2, 2015 and it was mind-blowing. The second teaser introduced the fan Gaurav. When everyone thought that both the star and fan will look same, it came as a surprise in the trailer the way SRK was given a look as Gaurav. The second teaser of Fan left everyone speechless as it was truly FANtastic! (ALSO READ: Salman Khan as Sultan or Shah Rukh Khan as Raees Bhai, who will be your pick this Eid 2016?)

Fan Anthem- Jabra Fan song

jabra main

Films under YRF have always given us beautiful melodies. This will be the first time a film by YRF will have no song. This is what makes the film more special. But, the makers of Fan released a Fan Anthem, Jabra Fan. The Jabra song won’t be a part of the film as it is just an anthem released for marketing purposes. The Fan Anthem was launched by SRK in Delhi at Hansraj College, in presence of his fans. Again, this was something unusual kind of promotion done by the team.

Jabra Fan song in 8 different languages!

The makers of Fan gave another surprise to SRKians when they released the song in 8 different languages including Hindi. To touch the chords of fans speaking different language, this was a beautiful step taken by the team. (ALSO READ: Hilarious! This parody of ‘Jabra Fan’ song speaks the heart of every Shahrukh Khan fan (Watch Video))

And one of the outstanding and never done before promotional event was done by YRF, THE TRAILER LAUNCH. The gates of YRF office in Mumbai were open for fans from all over the country to attend the trailer launch of the film. It was the first time in the history of Bollywood, the trailer of the film was unveiled in front of fans. And the fun part was the trailer was revealed by the fans themselves when their voices crossed the Voice-O-meter. Shah Rukh Khan who was present at the trailer launch event interacted with the fans, shared his shooting as well as some childhood experiences and also answered questions asked by his fans present at the event.

The trailer of the film left everyone in a shock. It was something SRK fans didn’t expect and looked nothing like the first two teasers and Fan anthem. It definitely added to the curiosity level of people to watch the film.

fan trailer main

During April Fools ‘ Day, SRK and the team Fan kept a fun contest on Twitter. SRK was made to do some weird tasks by his fans and SRK would trick and fool his fans and completed the given challenges. It really helped as many people took part in this game and saw their star fulfilling those challenges online. (ALSO READ: Did you know? Shah Rukh Khan is OBSESSED with these 8 things in real life!)

The next activity done by YRF was the most touching one. Shah Rukh Khan Fans all over the world were given a chance to write hand-written letters to SRK on YRf studio address. Several letters were read by King Khan after few days. Indeed, his fans must be in tears after watching the video.

The promotion and marketing done by Shah Rukh Khan and YRF was quite extraordinary. Not only the film, fans will also remember these events and games organised by SRK which brought both SRK and his fans closer. This was very unusual and out of the box efforts YRF has done for the first time for any of its films. So, this shows how equally important Fan is for YRF like SRK.

Maneesh Sharma’s Fan will hit the theatres on Friday April 15.

By: Pooja Darade