Filmmaker Yash Chopra, one of the most iconic that Bollywood has ever produced, died on October 21, 2012, due to dengue. Send to Mumbai by his family in Jalandhar to try and go abroad to pursue engineering, Yash Chopra decided to enter films instead. He assisted his older brother B. R. Chopra in B. R. Films, where he got a first-hand look at how films are made. A young Chopra also got to meet the biggest stars of his time and interact with them. In fact, he was recommended to become a hero by one of the heroines, but he refused. Making movies in his own way was all he wanted to do.

Yash Chopra gave Bollywood some of its best movies, but not all romantic ones. He pushed ahead the careers of great stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Shashi Kapoor, Rakhi, and lately Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Anil Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Aishwarya Rai and some more. He was a gentleman and romantic to the core. He also had a great taste in music. (MUST SEE: Yash Chopra birthday tribute: Shah Rukh Khan in conversation with the legendary director)

Mr Chopra’s legacy is being carried forward by his son Aditya Chopra as head of Yash Raj Films, the film studio started by him. His second son Uday Chopra heads YRF Entertainment in Hollywood. But Bollywood certainly misses the charm and the able leadership of Yash Chopra and the way he made movies with so much passion, with the loveliest of songs and heros and heroines, and dramatic stories!

Watch this touching video of Yash Chopra being taken for his funeral. (Yash Chopra photo: YRF)