Priyanka Chopra is the People’s Choice for the Best Dramatic Actress on TV and my god, we are THRILLED to the T. Dressed in a pretty peach Sally LaPointe Spring’17 peach dress, Priyanka’s charm was as fresh as a daisy. Now, who would have thought that the busybee had suffered from an accident on Quantico sets just a while ago? Her hair styled in waves, she sashayed at the red carpet and twirled her into our hearts as usual. For the second year in a row, she has won in the People’s Choice Awards 2017 (PCAs 2017) and we don’t know what to say. She has put India on a global map and has given us a million reasons to be a proud already. Right?

While the rest of Hollywood seems to have FALLEN head over heels in love with PC, her make stylist gives us the reason why. Pati Dubroff, says, “She’s a tough chick. She said she’s sore. But she took a few days off and rested and was back at it. What a trooper! It’s a little bit scary, but it was thankfully nothing serious. I don’t know that it’s going to stop her from doing her own stunts. I have to say, obsessed is an odd word to say about someone. I’m obsessed with her. Once I met her, I’m obsessed with her spirit. She is one of the most infectious women I have ever met. She’s so warm and fun and drop-dead beautiful. I want to have drinks with her.’

Well, now who will not fall for our Desi Queen’s charms? We sure are are delighted at PC winning big at the PCAs 2017! See all pics and videos from the event.