The episode starts with Ishita showing the toys and pictures to Roshni in reply to which Roshni expressed her happiness and excitement on seeing it. Ishita said that she did all this for Roshni and Adi’s child and wished for the baby’s well being and further said that she wants to see both of them happy. On the other side, Ruhi sounds surprised on knowing that Shagun hates Pihu and refused to believe it. Aliya explained Ruhi not to talk about it because it would hurt Pihu if she gets to know the reality.

Pihu expressed her wish to meet Shagun in order to help her get out of her depression. Ruhi said she wanted to meet Ishita in response to which Aaliya refused to do so and reasoned out while expressing her anger that Shagun killed Adi to save Roshni and left everyone because of Roshni, which makes it clear that they weren’t important to her. Ishita while talking with Roshni told her that it was her baby’s eighth month which is a crucial period and asked her to drink Adi’s favourite soup. Aaliya said that Ishita was with Roshni who cheated her along with Adi and it was all her mistake. She further said that Roshni influenced Adi which is why is why she couldn’t’see her love for him and said that ishita cares only for Roshni and not for her and and thats why she has developed a hatre towards Roshni

Roshni told Ishita that she can’t live without her and in return, Ishita replied that she will too not be able to live without her and Adi’s child. Suddenly Ishita went into a flashback and recalled Adi’s death and the eventual events and then said to Shagun that she gave her a reason to live, by Raising Adi’s child she would be provind utmost happiness to her. Roshni told Ishita that Raman wants to hurt her but Ishita explained that Raman was in pain and she hopes to see like he was before.

On the other end, Raman reaches the pub for the lady who had been waiting for him since long in greed of money, clicks a picture with her and deliberately and sends it to Ishita in order to make her jealous. On seeing the picture Ishita is shocked but understands he is in pain.  Ishita consoles Roshni saying that it wasnt her mistake and rather Adi was at fault because he was cheating on his wife and so in order to stop Adi she shot her which she never wanted to do. She adds, while wiping Roshni’s tears and hugging her, that Adi’s child would melt everyone’s heart and seeing this Adi would also help change Raman.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)