shagun raman ishita

Ishita has finally got a hint of what Shagun and Adi have been planning to do so far. The beautiful lady has now decided to give up on her generous avatar and teach Shagun a lesson if she continues with her practices. Shagun being her bitchy self, keeps on eavesdropping when Ishita and Raman are having private conversation in their bedroom. Now that Raman and Ishita have cleared all the differences between them, they are back with their normal naughty fights. (Read Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita decides to teach Shagun a lesson for creating problems!)

However, Shagun couldn’t digest the situation getting better between them and now plans to show Ishita that Raman belong to her. She not only get a R Tattoo etched on her wrist, but also tries to flaunt it purposely to make Ishita jealous. Ishita is surprised to see that Shagun has gone to this extent and decides to show her the right place. She calls Santoshi to see the tattoo, who inturn slams Shagun for making a tattoo with the letter R. Poor Shagun has to cover up the whole scene by saying that R refers to Ruhi. (Read Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun gets a tattoo etched for Raman; makes Ishita feel jealous!)

But Shagun is not a person who will give up so easily. She then plans to ruin Raman and Ishita’s intimate moments. When Raman calls Ishita to Ruhi’s room, Shagun follows them to hear their conversation. Suddenly the lights go off and Ishita goes in search of a candle. Raman mistakenly considers Shagun (who has followed them) as Ishita and hugs her. He is about to confess his love to his wife, but the power comes back.  (Read Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun’s evil plans and sad Ishita make TRP fall)

Raman is shocked to see that he is actually holding Shagun and not Ishita. Ishita has also arrived with a candle and witnesses the scene. Furious Raman shouts at Shagun and asks why didn’t she respond when he hugged her. Ishita understood that Shagun must have intentionally created the whole scene and enquires why didnt she say a single word when Raman touched her by mistake. Shagun feels embarrassed after having been caught in her own trap and leaves.

Raman is fuming with anger and decides to confront his ex-wife about the scene but Ishita stops him. She then reveals that Shagun is planning to separate them and hence must be doing all these stuffs. Ishita also admits that Shagun can never be successful since she is not aware of actual strength of their relationship.