The marriage drama is a favourite sequence of our daily soaps. This time it’s the turn of one of the most popular daily Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. It’s time for Adi’s marriage ceremony and the entire family is happy with the alliance of Adi and Aliya. They are under an impression that Adi and Aliya are madly in love and after getting married they will spend their lives happily ever after. The track of Adi, Aliya and Roshni’s mingled up love triangle is so interesting to watch that the viewers are keeping hooked onto their TV screens to know what’s next in store for them. Well, we are here to quench your thirst.

As we already know, Adi and Aliya are getting married with the consent of their families. But the family doesn’t know that Adi is already married to Roshni and doesn’t have the courage to reveal this truth. Gagan and Ashok have come together to expose the truth about Adi’s marriage to everyone. Their plan was to reveal the entire story of how Adi got married to Roshni in the Sangeet ceremony but somehow their plan failed. The sangeet ceremony happens without any interruptions and Gagan now makes a plan to raid the marriage ceremony.

He along with Ashok manage to break in the marriage ceremony and expose Adi. After realizing that Adi is already married to Roshni, Ishita takes a step forward and accepts Roshni as her daughter-in-law. Going against the ideal impressions of her entire family, she accepts Roshni. This decision of Ishita makes Raman furious and he couldn’t understand why Ishita accepted Roshni as her daughter in law instead of Aliya.

Ishita forces Adi to remarry Roshni as she is his wife and only she has a right over him. Shagun, Aliya and Mani get shocked to see Ishita put a foot down in front of all the members especially Raman. Even after he expresses his anger over Ishita, she doesn’t take a step back and insists on Adi to take the wedding vows with Roshni. Ishita’s decision to make Roshni her daughter in law will turn Aliya against her. She will feel as if Ishita is the reason for breaking her marriage with Adi. Shagun, as usual will fire up this betrayed approach of Aliya.  (Also Read: Sleepless Nights with Kapil: Abijit Ganguly gives a befitting reply to Kapil Sharma fans who trolled him!)

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