The episode begins with Naira (Shivangi Joshi) talks to Karthik (Mohsin Khan) and he has already signed the confession papers. She tells him to cooperate with her and he gets pissed off and does not listen to her. He says his lawyer has asked him not to talk to anyone on this matter and he rudely tells her to leave. Naira recalls all the good moments she shared with him and soon gets a call from someone who tells her he/she want to tell her something about the accident.

On the other side, Swarna (Parul Chauhan) passes by Naira and tells her that she needs her help to findout the whole truth. She further says she needs to know where was one more car. She says she tries her best to talk to Karthik, but he has refused to talk to her. Soon,  Swarna tries to tell Manish about Naira but as usual he does not listen to her and Swarna gets worried. Soon, a car follows Naira’s car and she comes out of the car and see a car behind her. She meets Karthik’s friends,

that he was not drunk on the day he met with an accident. They even said that they spiked his drink and took away his bike’s keys. They said that Karthik wanted to meet you and that’s the reason he left from there. Naira gets distraught, listening to this and when she comes home Naitik (Vishal Singh) gets upset as she went to meet Karthik . She tries to explain him that she found some additional proofs that might prove that he is innocent.

In the next scene, she recalls that Karthik was trying to say the same thing that day to her and his friend said that why is she still blaming him. They even tell her that they do not have the courrage to accept their fault in front of the police. On the other side, a mechanic tells her that the car got damage not when it hits a person. He says there are proofs that the car was not being driven at high speed. The mechanic further even says that the police is trying to wind up the case fast. Naira meets the police inspector and informs them of what she has heard. They tell her that the evidence is quiet clear and this is a open shut case.

On the other side, Bua tells Naitik that it is not right for Naira to spend so many hours in the police station. Gayu (Kanchi Singh) assures her that Naira will not do anything wrong. On the other side, Swarna (Parul Chauhan) and Manish (Sachin Tyagi) reach police station and there the doctor tells them that Karthik is not eating anything. He even informs them that he has become quiet weak and this may affect his health. Listening to this Manish cries his heart out and even gets quiet tensed for his son. He further thinks that his son hates him. Meanwhile, Karthik asks his parents not to waste their valuable sources and time on him and also says that there is no need for Naira to find the truth.