Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai makers are leaving no stone unturned to keep the viewers glued to their TV screens. The latest episode comes with some more twist and turns. Naira, who was worried about Mansi and Anmol, couldn’t sleep at night. She then decides to talk to Kartik in order to tell him the truth about his sister’s pregnancy. The next day, she tried hard to talk to Kartik but the latter avoids her and was in no mood to talk. She then told him about Mansi’s pregnancy leaving him shocked.

Kartik asks her not to tell about it to anyone. However, Naira was not happy with Kartik’s decision as she feels that it is a big thing and they should tell about this to everyone. This again leads to the war of words between the two where he once again accuses the lady of Shubham’s death. Later, Kartik returns home and asks everybody to get ready for the wedding. This makes Mansi happy, who thanks him later.

Later, Kartik asks Mansi to talk to him on any issue rather than going to Naira. She then tells them that Naira is very special and is not a stranger. Rukmini beams with joy when she gets to know about the wedding confirmation from the Goenkas.

Kartik informs his family that he will personally take care of Mansi and Anmol’s wedding arrangements adding that he wants the engagement to take place the next day.