Honey Singh has shocked the whole nation with his bold confessions on his 34th birthday. The Indian rapper revealed that he had a tough battle with bipolar disease and alcoholism in the last 18 months. The singer puts all speculations, regarding his sudden absence from the industry, to rest with his stunning disclosures. However, he claims to be all fit and fine now and promises to make a massive comeback soon. (ALSO READ: Yo Yo Honey Singh has bipolar disorder and alcohol issues! Read shocking confession!)

While talking about his upcoming career plans, Honey Singh takes a dig at Badshah who has been delivering hit numbers in the rappers absence. He says, “I don’t consider anyone my competition. I am secure about my music. When some artistes give a hit song, they keep repeating themselves in the same genre. I always try to create something new. I started with Angrezi beat. Everyone wanted that, but I moved on to Lungi dance, then Party all night. I don’t need to position myself, my fans will. They know the difference between a luxury car and an ordinary car.” (ALSO READ: Yo Yo Honey Singh opens up about his ‘phase of darkness’; plans to pen down poems now)

This is not the first time Honey has made such a striking comment at Badshaah. The rapper had also referred to him as a Nano while he met the media during the trailer launch of his film Zorawar. “Have you driven a Rolls -Royce? There is a difference between a Rolls-Royce (an ultra luxury car brand) and a Nano (the world’s cheapest car).” (ALSO READ: Happy Birthday Honey Singh! 7 best songs by the King Of Rap)

Badshah and Honey Singh were close friends and have worked together for songs, such as Get up Jawani and Khol Botal. The duo worked together for six years and now they are not on talking terms with each other. When Honey suddenly disappeared from the industry, Badshah took the chance to bank up his singing skills. He rocked the industry with songs, such as DJ Wale Babu and Kar Gai Chull from Kapoor & Sons.