London, April 20: The England Cricket Board (ECB) has proposed a new format of cricket to be initiated, which will be first of its kind, all over the world. The tournament which will be organised for both men and women is initially being called the 100-ball cricket tournament which is likely to get underway from 2020.

According to the ECB, each team will have to face 15 traditional six-ball overs which will be added with a 10 balls over, which is reported called the ‘wild card.’ The wild card will be allowed to be eligible to be taken at any point of the match.

Meanwhile, the men’s and women’s team participating in the league will follow similar formats. The ECB CEO Tom Harrison to the official website said: “”This is a fresh and exciting idea which will appeal to a younger audience and attract new fans to the game.

“Throughout its development, we have shown leadership, provided challenge and followed a process. We will continue to do that as the concept evolves.

“Our game has a history of innovation and we have a duty to look for future growth for the health and sustainability of the whole game.

“There are 18 First Class Counties, playing red and white ball cricket, at our core and these Counties and competitions will be supported, promoted and benefit from the game’s growth.”