On Friday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) released the official song of the Men’s World Cup — ‘Stand By’ with LORYN and Rudimental across all streaming platforms. ‘Stand By’ — a collaboration between new artist LORYN and one of the UK’s most successful and influential acts, Rudimental will be played in ground and city events across the tournament when the showpiece event begins on May 30.

The ICC Men’s World Cup is one of the world’s biggest global sporting events, attracting around one million sporting fans soaking up the action in the UK and a further billion fans watching worldwide across the 48-match event.


According to a media release by the ICC, the song is ” a collaboration between vocalist LORYN and drum and bass band Rudimental, and will be played in ground and city events across the tournament as the official song to this summer’s showpiece event.”

“It is important to acknowledge the power of music in sporting environments – from a motivational platform for players to providing a common voice for fans to celebrate together I am sure we will see the Official Song at the absolute heart of this tournament,” Steve Elworthy, managing director of the World Cup, had said at the announcement.

According to the ICC media release, the song “celebrates the cultural diversity of The United Kingdom”.

‘Stand By’ will provide a common voice for fans when they show their passion for their respective teams during the month and a half long tournament which culminates on July 14.