Parthasarathi Varadachari, a 97-year-old, is the eldest runner in Tata Steel Kolkata 25K this year. The Alipore Judge Court resident is going to run in the Senior Citizen’s run this year on TSK25K race day on December 15.

Born in 1923, Varadachari is originally from Sakai, Nagapatnam in Tamil Nadu and is was employed with the Indian railways in 1948. He is survivied by a son and a daughter.  Swimming is one of his favorite fitness activities.

On being part of TSK25K, Varadachari said, “Very happy to be a part of it. Read about it a lot in the newspapers and was eager to participate. I am very excited for it. Practicing, doing exercises to stay fit and prepare for 15 December.”

The Tata Steel Kolkata 25 K is in its fifth year with top Indian athletes like Sudha Singh, Lalita Babbar, Kavita Raut, Elam Singh, Srinu Bugatha, G Lakshmanan, Balliapa A and O Santon Singh, have taken honors at the finishing line.

While the 25K is the feature race, the event has unique distances to offer for every runner. The 10K for a runner willing to take up a challenging distance, the newly introduced Timed Ananda Run (5km) a colourful carnival to experience the spirit of Kolkata; for the silvers (participants who are 60 and above) the event offers the Senior Citizen Run (2.1km) and for individuals with any disability, there is the Champions with Disability category (2.1km).