New Delhi: Afghanistan’s Cricket Board chairman Azizullah Fazli had made a bold claim on Friday on the status of women’s cricket in the country. Following the Taliban takeover, women’s cricket was banned in the country. In the latest statement, Fazli claimed that women could still be allowed to play cricket in Afghanistan.Also Read - Viral Video: Man Stops Woman From Singing in Public, Calls it 'Haram'; Crowd Schools Him | WATCH

According to a report on news agency AFP, the ACB chairman said that the board will soon provide a good news on the matter. Also Read - Taliban Hang Bodies Of 4 Kidnappers From Cranes After Killing Them in Herat

“We will give you our clear position on how we will allow women to play cricket,” he told SBS Radio Pashto late Friday, the broadcaster reported on its English-language website. “Very soon, we will give you good news on how we will proceed.” Also Read - Some Countries Use Terrorism as Political Tool: PM Modi Takes Dig at Pakistan in His UNGA Address

The Taliban confirmed on Wednesday that women in Afghanistan will not be allowed to play any sports, including cricket.

After the statement, Cricket Australia said that the planned men’s Test match against Afghanistan in November would not go ahead if the country does not support women’s cricket following the Taliban takeover.

The ACB CEO Hamid Shinwari said there was an alternative to cancelling this “significant, history-making Test match.” But, instead of offering any such alternative, the ACB said it was “powerless to change the culture and religious environment of Afghanistan.”

“We ask Cricket Australia and the whole cricketing world to keep the door open for us, walk with us, do not isolate us, and avoid penalising us for our cultural and religious environment,” Shinwari said.

It needs to be seen what happens to Afghanistan’s women’s cricket team following the Taliban takeover over the country. Under ICC rules, all member nations have to provide equal access to the sport for males and females.