Brett Lee in his latest avatar certainly looks more Indian than an Aussie!

Well, we are not surprised knowing the amount of time the former Australian speedster spends in India for various reasons spanning from cricket broadcasting to being part of commercials. One can safely say, India is his second/adopted home. Brett Lee for that matter has also featured in a Bollywood film, named UNindian. That again goes to highlight how acquainted he is with the Indian culture.

But with his latest stunt, he seems to have stretched the Indian-bit a tad bit too much. He recently paid a visit to the iconic Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab.

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Brett Lee was in India as a part of the broadcasting team for Indian Premier League 2018. Now that the IPL is over, it seems he is taking a detour of India in peace, not for cricket.

Lee seems to have found a good connect with Punjabi. His turban avatar proves just that. Also, it seems not only Brett Lee but even the World Boss took a liking for the turban, we saw him sport that too this season.

Brett Lee in his prime was one of the quickest bowlers. He actually send shivers down the spine of the best batsmen in the business. He is a two-time World Cup champion (2003, 2007).