Batting legend Rahul Dravid feels ‘age fraud’ is detrimental to the health of Indian cricket saying the onus is on authorities to clamp down on the menace.

“It is up to the maidan secretaries, the owners of the office teams, the club teams to ensure that this does not happen,” Dravid said this while attending the 89th edition of the Times Cricket Shield at the sprawling BKC MCA lounge in Mumbai.

During his speech, Dravid spoke of how state teams flout rules and not end up being successful at the senior level.

“Age fraud leads to an erosion of culture,” Dravid told TOI. “It leads to a scenario where a lot of talented boys don’t get to play when they should actually be playing,” he said that it is up to the state bodies to ensure a more holistic approach while dealing with junior cricket.

The former India captain also said that young cricketers should not get burdened by the pressures of getting selected as not everyone gets to play Ranji Trophy or for the national side or bags an IPL contract. He felt young cricketers should focus on enjoying the game rather than always thinking about selection.

Dravid is one of the most decorated cricketers to have represented India. In his career, Dravid achieved many feats like becoming the first Indian cricketer to bag the coveted Test Player of the Year and Cricketer of the Year in 2004.

Dravid is the current director at The National Cricket Academy.