Should MS Dhoni join politics? Why, not! Currently, there are fans who want him to continue playing and there is a section which feels its time and he should call it a day. The point is no one apart from Dhoni knows what’s in his mind and that is what makes things interesting with the former India skipper. One feels it may be a tad bit too early to speculate that Dhoni will join politics and bring about a change, sooner rather than later. But should he? One feels he would be the ideal politician and would flourish under any situation. That is what he has been doing all his life, come out fighting with the backs to the wall.Also Read - IPL 2022: Ahmedabad Captain Hardik Pandya Credits CSK Skipper MS Dhoni For Grooming Him

Here are the three qualities that make us believe he would be the model politician. Also Read - IPL 2022: Virender Sehwag Reacts on CSK Captain MS Dhoni's New Look in Latest Ad | WATCH VIDEO

Calm & Composed: Dhoni can remain calm under the most extreme situations where someone else in his place may blow up. Dhoni is steely in the mind and can absorb pressure like no one else. Indian politics needs people who are calm while dealing with people with all kinds of problems and tempers. Dhoni, in such a situation, would do a good job. Also Read - India Fined For Slow Over-Rate After Losing Third ODI

Never Out of it: In Dhoni, we believe! This is an advertisement for a brand he was endorsing. Looks like, they got it to bang on. Dhoni brings a self-belief that very few would have. He believes in himself and hence his fans believe in him. Indian politics certainly needs people one can trust and believe in.

Leader Par Excellence: He is one of India’s most successful cricket captain ever. Indian politics too needs inspiring personalities in whom people will have faith because of their past deeds. Dhoni is probably credible in this regard. He has dealt with the emotions of a billion, day in and day out. He would be an ideal fit into Indian politics.

Dhoni is also an honorary Lieutenant Colonel and has undergone army training!

What more do we want?