The Alipore Court in Kolkata has issued an arrest warrant against Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami on Monday. Shami, who is at the West Indies now representing the national team in the second Test, has 15 days to surrender and apply for bail.

The warrant has been issued in relation to his wife Hasin Jahan’s accusation of domestic violence against the cricketer. In 2018, Jahan had alleged that Shami and his brother had resorted to physical violence against her. Both the men were then booked for domestic violence under IPC Section 498A. Following which the bowler has never appeared before the court and the warrant comes as a consequence of it.

Since Jahan went public with her allegations, she and the 28-year-old cricketer have been involved in a fierce battle of words in the media. Jahan, who is a former model in the fashion industry, was also arrested in 2019 after Shami’s family complained against her for creating a ruckus at their house in UP. However, she was later released on bail.

Speaking to the media on August 29, Jahan said that the judicial process has been long and tough for her. However, she mentioned that the police would be filing in the charge sheet against the cricketer. Meanwhile, she also blamed the media and the police for taking side with Shami. Pointing out the delayed process of the cases in the court, she said that the cricketer deliberately chooses to skip the hearings.

Shami has been one of India’s most celebrated wicket-takers for India in recent times. He, along with the likes of Jasprit Bumrah, Ishant Sharma and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, has made the team a great bowling force to reckon. In 70 ODIs the Bengal pacer has 131 wickets and 150 Test wickets in 42 matches.