Former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone is set to become a father for the fourth time, at the age of 89 with wife Fabiana Flosi, who is his third wife and half his age. Days after his daughter Petra, 31, announced the birth of a baby girl, Bernie and Fabia announced that the couple is expecting a child in July, weeks before Ecclestone turns 90. Also Read - Singapore F1 Say 'Not Feasible' to Hold Race Behind Closed Doors: Organisers

“There’s nothing that unusual is there?” he told The Daily Mail from the couple’s home in Brazil. “I haven’t had a job for a little while so I have had plenty of time to practice. I don’t see there’s any difference between being 89 and 29. She (his wife) is thrilled. We’re not sure what all the fuss is about. I’m very happy and happy really for my wife, she’s been looking forward to this happening for quite a few years so I’m happy she’ll have someone after I’m gone.” Also Read - Formula One: Daniel Ricciardo to Join McLaren in 2021 as Carlos Sainz Replacement

Bernie’s daughters Petra and Tamara, who are not too fond of Flosi, revealed they were happy for the couple and hoped their father would have developed better parenting skills. Bernie’s relationship with Fabiana was rumoured to have caused a rift between him and his daughters with Petra and Tamara not being part of their father’s wedding. Also Read - Remote Possibility That F1 Championship May Not Happen This Year, Says CEO Chase Carey

However, those gaps seem to have manded as Petra, in a statement, said: “We are delighted by the news and very happy for them,” while a spokesperson of Tamara said: “She found out months ago. She is really delighted for both of them. Genuinely, she is thrilled for her dad.”

In April 2012, Ecclestone had announced his engagement to 35-year-old Fabiana Flosi, Vice-President of Marketing for the Brazilian Grand Prix. “She’s gorgeous but, forget everything else, she’s a nice person… she’s the sort of girl I’d want to spend more and more time with, and that’s what you need in a potential partner,” he’d spoken of her after meeting her the first time.

Ecclestone has been married three times. With first wife Ivy, he has a daughter, Deborah, through whom he is a great-grandfather. He has five grandchildren — two granddaughters and three grandsons.

Ecclestone had a 17-year relationship with Tuana Tan, which ended in 1984 when Slavica Radic, later his second wife, became pregnant. He was then married to Yugoslav-born former Armani model Radic for 23 years. The couple have two daughters, Tamara (born 1984) and Petra (born 1988). In 2008, Slavica Ecclestone filed for divorce, which was granted on 11 March 2009.