Australian cricketer – Alex Hepburn has been charged for raping a sleeping woman after taking part in a sexual conquest “game” with friends on WhatsApp, an English court has heard. Hepburn, who plays as an all-rounder for Worcestershire County Club in UK, allegedly attacked the woman in a dark bedroom shortly after she had sex with one of his teammates (Joe Clarke) after a night out in a champagne bar in Worcester in April 2017. Hepburn and his mates had started a ‘game’ competing to sleep with the most girls over summer. He’s now accused of raping a woman.

As per the reports, the Aussie has allegedly had 15-20 bottles of beer on the night of the incident. On the first day of Hepburn’s trial, the court was told that the woman initially thought she was still in bed with his teammate Clarke, who had passed out in a bathroom but woke up to find Hepburn performing a sex act on her.

Opening the prosecution’s case on Monday, Miranda Moore QC said the alleged victim realised she was not with Clarke when she touched Hepburn’s hair and he then spoke in an Australian accent. Moore said the woman had sex with 23-year-old Hepburn because she believed he was “the man she fell asleep with” and was left horrified when she realised he was not Clarke.

“Immediately she pulls away, she says, ‘Where’s Joe?'” Moore told the jury.

“Hepburn says to her, ‘You are beautiful’ and tries to encourage her to continue having sex with him but she is having absolutely none of it.”

The woman, who cannot be identified, told Hepburn he was a “sick bastard” and phoned a friend to tell her about the alleged rape, the court heard.

Taking jurors through WhatsApp messages found on Hepburn’s mobile, Moore stated that a “stat chat” group he took part in was set up to record details of women its members had slept with. After taking the jury through “rules” posted on the group days before the alleged rape, Moore told the court: “From the prosecution point of view, it may well be that what was on this defendant’s phone will help you in deciding what he was up to that night.

“It detailed the game that these young men engaged in and intended to follow. This game had precious little to do with cricket.”

Among the rules was a request for “every freshie” to be “rated out of 10” and a stipulation that the “winner” be able to gloat and enjoy a free night out paid for by other members. A police interview conducted with the alleged victim shortly after the offence was played to the jury during Monday’s evidence.

In the video, the woman told a police officer she had assumed she was having sex with Clarke, who was of a similar height and build, before “panic set in” when she saw Hepburn.

However, Hepburn denies two counts of rape, claiming the alleged victim was awake and that initial kissing led to consensual sexual contact.

(With Quotes from The Guardian)