Australia vs India 3rd Test Day 3 HIGHLIGHTS Melbourne: Pacer Pat Cummins picked up four wickets in eight balls to reduce India to 54/5 at stumps on Day 3 of the third Test after Jasprit Bumrah’s career-best figures of 6/33 helped the tourists dismiss Australia for a meagre 151  on Friday. Opener Mayank Agarwal (28 batting) and wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant (6 batting) went back unscathed, taking India’s second innings lead to 346 runs when the umpires dislodged the bails for the day. The third day clearly belonged to the pacers from either side — Bumrah and Cummins — who extracted life out of nowhere on a docile Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) track. Bumrah starred with the cherry in the first two sessions, accounting for the wickets of opener Marcus Harris (22), Shaun Marsh (19), Travis Head (20), skipper Tim Paine (22) and the tailenders Nathan Lyon and Josh Hazlewood for successive ducks. Bumrah’s career-best figures also made him the only Asian bowler to take five wickets or more against Australia, England and South Africa in the same calendar year. (AUS vs IND 3rd Test SCORECARD)

Highlights, Australia vs India, 3rd Test, Day 3 From MCG

12.51 IST: India are 54/5, and they lead by 346 runs, but this Test just got that little bit more interesting. The away side is still in the driver’s seat, but the Kangaroos will be in better spirits come Day 4. One more thing that could play in their favour is the fact that there is rain forecast for the remaining two days, which could help and dent hopes, depending on which side you lean towards. It’ll be intriguing to see how this all unfolds. The action from Day 4 begins at 1030 local (2330 GMT, previous day). Do join in for all the action.

12.45 IST: What an exciting Test it’s turning out to be @ MCG!

12.40 IST: Finally, a session in Australia’s favour, though it’s still only a small victory in the larger context of the game. It’s been an entertaining day of cricket, wherein 197 runs were scored and 15 wickets scalped. In this final session alone, 60 came of those 197 and 8 from those 15. Those numbers should indicate what a fun day of Test cricket it’s been. It all began with India wrapping up the Australians in the final session with Jasprit Bumrah leading the charge with a 6-fer. The others too did their part, with everyone barring Vihari sharing the wickets. The visitors had a massive lead of 292, and they chose to bat again instead of enforcing the follow-on. At this point everyone thought they would run away with the game, but up rose a warrior in the form of Pat Cummins and he decimated the Indian top order claiming 4 wickets in 4 overs, while Hazlewood took the remaining one.

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12.30 IST: Some drama on the last ball of the day. Hazlewood fires it full on leg, it catches Agarwal low on his pads as he looks to tickle it fine. It goes down the leg side and a loud appeal goes up. Nothing from the umpire. The batsmen cross and it’s a leg bye. STUMPS ON DAY 3! India (443/7dec. & 54/5), lead Australia (151) by 346 runs at MCG. Mayank 28*, Pant 6*, Cummins 4/10

12.27 IST: FOUR! Not as short on this occasion, it’s shortish and down the leg side. Pant is in complete control of this one as he helps the pull across the fine leg fence. The 50 is up for India. They lead by 344. IND 52/5 & 443/7, lead AUS (151) by 344 runs at MCG

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12.23 IST: Another nasty bouncer from Hazlewood. Bangs it in hard on off, Agarwal somehow, barely and awkwardly manages to fend it down off his glove. And Mayank Agarwal is receiving medical treatment after he copped a blow on his hand. The magic spray is out and it does its job. The opener is fine to continue. India 48/5 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 340 runs at MCG

12.15 IST: Cummins You Champion!

12.10 IST: OUT! Josh Hazlewood removes Rohit Sharma for 5. Edged and gone! Half the Indian side is back in the dressing room now. A twist left in this tale? May very well be. Short of a length outside off and there’s some extra bounce on this too, which gets Rohit Sharma. He looks to cut but edges it behind due to the extra bounce. It’s a simple catch for Shaun Marsh at first. India lead by 336 runs vs Australia at MCG

12.00 IST: Edged and FOUR! Cummins is a bit unlucky. Length ball outside off with some extra bounce takes the outside edge of Agarwal’s hanging bat and runs past the slip cordon for a boundary. India 44/4 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 336 runs at MCG

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11.42 IST: OUT! Fourth wicket down and Pat Cummins has taken all of them. Is this a tired man? Doesn’t look like it at all. He’s breathing fire. Absolutely unreal. A bit of a soft dismissal though on this occasion. Back of a length down the leg side, Rahane looks to help the pull fine down the leg side but gets it off the glove. It’s only a feather, but it’s enough and Tim Paine behind dives to his left to take it. Not what you’d have expected, really. This is sensational. Cummins in on a hat-trick. India 32/4 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 324 runs at MCG

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11.32 IST: OUT! Cummins removes Virat Kohli for nought. An action replay of the Pujara dismissal. Cummins has his third! And Kohli, believe me Virat Kohli has a zero against his name. Length ball at the pads, just the plan and VK takes the bait. He flicks this in the air and Marcus Harris at backward square leg moves to his right and takes a good, low catch. Cummins has worked really hard in this series and especially in this match, and is reaping the rewards now. Three wickets in three overs so far. The Aussies are pumped up here, are they sensing a huge fightback? Nothing is impossible in this game and the visitors would know better, can’t afford to be complacent. India 28/3 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 320 runs at MCG

11.28 IST: OUT! Pat Cummins removes Cheteshwar Pujara or a duck. Gone second ball! Pujara has a rare duck! Caught at leg gully and Cummins has his second wicket in three deliveries. Length ball at the pads and instinctively flicked by Pujara towards the leg side. But lo and behold, there is Marcus Harris at leg gully taking an easy catch. Great bowling to the plan and good captaincy too. Second wicket lost in quick succession and the Aussies have something to smile about here. India 28/2 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 320 runs at MCG

11.25 IST: First blow for India.

11.21 IST: OUT! Pat Cummins removes Hanuma Vihari for 13. Caught at gully. Great bouncer! Quick, 141.2 kph! Almost like the first innings dismissal. India lose their first one. Just as we were saying he was leaving the bouncers better this time around, he has made the same error as he did in the first dig. Short ball and got big on the batsman, Vihari takes his eyes off and tries to fend it away. The ball goes off the shoulder of the bat and lobs up for one of the easier catches to Khawaja at gully. Maiden wicket over for Cummins. India lead by 320. India 28/1 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 320 runs at MCG

11.16 IST: In the air but safe! Everything is going the way of the Indians here. The ball is beautifully looped up outside off and Agarwal who was ahead to drive this one is flummoxed by the flight and gets it on the thick inside half of the bat. The ball flies in the air but just away from the short mid-wicket fielder and Mayank escapes with a single. IND 28/0 & 443/7, lead AUS (151) by 320 runs at MCG

11.01 IST: FOUR! Freebies. The ball is on the hips and it is easily turned away fine on the leg side by Agarwal. Easy picking for any Indian batsman this, who are usually very strong off their pads. Too fine for the fielder at the fence to come around and stop it. India 23/0 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 315 runs at MCG

10.45 IST: Arguably one of the best spells of fast bowling in recent Test history – Jasprit Bumrah!

10.41 IST: FOUR! Lovely shot! Full and outside off, slightly swinging away. Mayank Agarwal, confident after his first dig goes for a flowing cover drive and times it just good enough for it to reach the fence. Off the mark in style! The lead is 300 now! India 9/0 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 301 runs at MCG

10.33 IST: FOUR! Streaky runs but Vihari will take it. Short and wide outside off, Hanuma throws his bat at it and gets it off the bottom edge between gully and the slip cordon. It races away to the third man fence for a boundary. India 4/0 & 443/7, lead Australia (151) by 296 runs at MCG

10.28 IST: Welcome Back! Hanuma Vihari and Agarwal are at the crease. Vihari will take the strike. Mitchell Starc will open the attack for Australia. Two slips, a short mid-wicket and a gully in place for Starc..

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10.17 IST: OUT! That’s that. AUSTRALIA ARE BOWLED OUT FOR 151 in their first dig. Bumrah picks up his sixth and Hazlewood goes out without troubling the scorers. Fuller length on middle and leg, too pacy for the tailender. Goes on to his pads as he misses his flick. The ball then rolls on to disturb the stumps and knock the bails down. Bumrah finishes with 6-33. India have a lead of 292 to play with. Will they come out to bat here or will they put the hosts in again? We will have to wait and see. For now, we see Hanuma Vihari rushing into the dressing room, giving us a slight hint that India might bat again here and give their bowlers some rest. Australia 151-all out, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 292 runs. Bumrah 6/33,

10.15 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah picks up a five-for. Nathan Lyon Struck in front and the umpire raises his finger immediately! This is Bumrah’s 3rd fifer in Tests. Incredible considering he made his debut earlier this year. Pacy and yorker length ball that Lyon tries to flick but misses. Get rapped low on the pad in front of middle and leg, the umpire has no hesitation in raising his finger here. Replays show that the ball would have gone on to clip leg stump with a slight hint of reverse swing AUS 151/9 vs IND (443/7 dec.)

10.06 IST: OUT! Caught behind! The skipper Tim Paine has to go. Pouched beautifully by Pant behind. It was a length ball just outside off and there is a slight hint of reverse swing here that takes the ball away from the right-hander at the last moment. Paine who was looking to push it down on the off side gets an outside edge that just about carries into the waiting gloves of Pant. Good catch moving to his right and Australia are eight down now, with still 97 runs to avoid the follow-on. Australia 147/8, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 296 runs

10.02 IST: Welcome back for the final session of play on Day 3. The players and umpires stroll into their positions. Mitchell Starc will take strike on the first ball after resumption. Jadeja to bowl.

… Third Day, Evening Session …

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09.41 IST: India firmly in control of this Boxing Day Test. Another session which belongs to them. Australia have lost 3 wickets in the 30 overs, scoring only 56 runs. They lost Head, the younger Marsh and Cummins, to some extraordinary bowling from the Indian contingent. Bumrah, Jadeja and Shami all have done their part to put the hosts on the back foot. Tim Paine is out there and he’ll have to bat with the tail. Starc is partnering him for the moment, who can obviously bat, but the task is a monumental one. The Aussies need 99 runs to avoid the follow-on and that will be the first and only thing on the home side’s mind right now. Let’s see if they’re able to do that. Join us in some time for the last session of the day. Australia 145/7 at Tea, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 298 runs. Paine 22*, Bumrah 3/32, Jadeja 2/44

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09.32 IST: OUT! Mohammed Shami removes Pat Cummins for 17. Bowled ’em! Shami strikes on his return to the attack. A promising stand of 36 is broken. He charges in and attacks the stumps with a length ball around off, it nips back in and goes right through Pat Cummins’ defence. Nothing he could do about it, was just too good. Australia lose another wicket. They need another 105 runs to avoid the follow-on. Australia 138/7, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 305 runs

09.23 IST: If Australia can’t get to the intended number, then there’s a good chance that India can enforce the follow-on. The weather isn’t as hot as the previous two days and India haven’t bowled as many overs to feel really tired. Will be interesting to see what Virat Kohli opts to do if faced with the situation. Australia 133/6, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 310 runs

09.11 IST: FOUR! Some nice drift in as Jadeja comes from a bit wide of the crease but Cummins puts this away. Drives it square as he has room to free his arms and finds the fence without any problem. Australia 128/6, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 315 runs

09.03 IST: Length delivery on middle and leg from Ishant, a little too straight in line and this allows Paine to move inside the line and work it behind square leg for a single. Australia 123/6, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 320 runs

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08.43 IST: Drinks break in the afternoon session. 2 wickets in the past hour and India firmly on top here. Pat Cummins who has done well in the bat this series so far has joined hands with his skipper. They will have to stitch a big stand for Australia to first avoid follow on and then, think about getting close to India’s first innings score. Can they do so? Also, Hanuma Vihari is into the attack. Australia 114/6, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 329 runs

08.40 IST: FOUR! What has happened here? Outside off and Paine decides to leave the ball late but the ball is quick and goes of the under part of the bat between slip and gully for a boundary. Welcome runs for the hosts. Australia 114/6 vs India (443/7)

08.23 IST:

08.21 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja removes Mitch Marsh for 9. Caught at slip! Off the inside edge, onto the pads and goes to Rahane. Fuller ball on leg, Marsh looks to whip flick it away through mid-wicket. Unfortunately for him, the ball takes a thin inside edge on to the pads and lobs up to Rahane for an easy catch. 6 down now! Even afollow-onn looks possible here. AUS 102/6 vs IND (443/7 dec.)

 08.10 IST: FOUR! Never mind, scratch that! Marsh has just bludgeoned this short one off the back foot and over mid-wicket for a boundary. Right off the middle of the bat. Lovely shot! Australia 101/5, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 342 runs 

08.02 IST:

07.57 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah removes Travis Head for 20. Timberrrrr! All ends cleaned up and Head has to depart. Half the team back in the shed for just 92. Fuller length delivery from around the wicket, angling in. Head tried to hit his way out and gets the inside edge as he is beaten by pace. The ball goes on to knock the middle and leg stump. The Indians are elated, just the start they would have wanted after the Lunch break. Bumrah has his third. The Aussies are in deep trouble now. Australia 92/5, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 351 runs 

07.49 IST: LOUD APPEAL! But the umpire says no. Was full and fast but just going down leg maybe. Marsh who was looking to flick the ball misses it and gets rapped on the pads but the ball was missing leg stump hence he is safe. AUS 91/4 vs IND (443/7 dec.)

07.40 IST: Welcome back, folks. The players and umpires are making their way to the middle for the second session. Mitchell Marsh will join Travis Head out there. Head will face the first ball of the session, to be bowled by Ravindra Jadeja.

… Third Day, Afternoon Session …

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07.10 IST: India’s session no doubt! The visitors will go into the Lunch break as the happier team. The Aussies started off with some good strokes from the openers who were looking to stitch a decent partnership but against the run of play, brilliant captaincy brought about the downfall of Aaron Finch. Poor shot making saw his partner, Marcus Harris depart and India were on top. Post that, Ravindra Jadeja who was brought on, didn’t disappoint as he got the important wicket of Usman Khawaja soon and just when it looked like the hosts would go into Lunch 3-down, Jasprit Bumrah bamboozled Shaun Marsh off the last ball before the break to get him LBW plumb in front. The hosts are 89/4 and will be desperate for some sort of a stand, but the Indian bowlers seem to be on fire at the moment. Can the Aussies fight back in the second session or will the visitors run havoc? Join us for the post-Lunch session in some time. It is all happening here, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

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07.01 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah removes Shaun Marsh for 19. Right at the stroke of the break. Unreal stuff from Jasprit Bumrah. This is a crucial breakthrough. These two were looking good out there, so dismissing Marsh would give the Indians a psychological boost going into Lunch. What a delivery. Completely outfoxes Marsh, very Malinga-esque. Bumrah comes around the wicket and disguises this slower ball brilliantly. Marsh, who is looking to defend this one, is early into the shot and misses the ball. Gets rapped low on his pads and right in front of the stumps. The umpire has no qualms in raising his finger. Marsh has a chat with his partner but in the end just walks off without reviewing. Australia have lost their fourth wicket and that will be LUNCH ON DAY 3! Australia 89/4 at Lunch, trail India (443/7 dec.) by 354 runs. Head 18*, Bumrah 2/28, Jadeja 1/19

06.56 IST:  Both Shaun Marsh and Travis Head have managed to rotate the strike so far and kept the scoreboard ticking for the hosts. Another defensive stroke to end the over. Length ball that holds its line without doing much. Australia 88/3 vs India (443/7 dec.)

06.41 IST: The leg umpire has gone upstairs for a stumping appeal against Head. The batsman doesn’t seem too worried though. NOT OUT! The ball is outside off on a length and Head who comes ahead to drive misses the ball. Slightly drags his foot outside the crease, but brings it back in time. Pant whips off the bails a little late and Head is safe. AUS 78/3 vs IND (443/7 dec.)

06.28 IST: FOUR! The umpire signals runs off the bat. That would go down as a chance gone begging then! Absolute peach by Jadeja, Head plays for the turn and seems to have missed the ball. Pant too misses it and the ball runs away for a boundary. Australia 63/3 vs India (443/7)

06.20 IST: India on top at the moment!

06.14 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja strikes as Usman Khawaja departs for 21. That’s the third one! And it is the big fish. Absolute ripper this one from Jadeja! Flatter ball outside off and Khawaja is forward in defence. The ball grips and turns to get the inside edge and goes straight to Mayank Agarwal at short leg who takes a smart, low catch. The Indians are turning on the heat here. Australia 53/3 vs India (443/7 dec.)

06.09 IST: FOUR! Overpitched and dispatched away beautifully behind square on the leg side for a boundary. The outfield might be slow but the timing was so good that fine leg has no chance to stop it. Australia 47/2 vs India (443/7)

06.01 IST: Drinks are on the field, time for a short breather. A good first hour for India. The pacers have done their job, with Ishant and Bumrah dismissing Finch and Harris respectively. You could consider Finch to be a bit unlucky, but Harris basically threw his wicket away. Big job ahead for Khawaja and Marsh now, as the ball is turning and Jadeja could capitalize on the rough areas. Australia 40/2 vs India (443/7 dec.)

05.55 IST:

05.52 IST: FOUR! That’s a positive stroke from Usman Khawaja. It’s too full with room on offer outside off, he crashes this through the covers and finds the fence with ease. AUS 40/2 vs IND (443/7 dec.)

05.45 IST:

05.41 IST: OUT! Jasprit Bumrah removes Marcus Harris for 22. Harris throws it away really. Was no need for that shot. Sucked him in and got the wicket. Well done on India’s part, quite the contrary on Marcus Harris’. Poor shot selection. He’s frustrated with himself, and should be too. Short ball from around the wicket, angling in on middle and leg, Harris takes on the pull and is in no control of that shot. Fine leg is positioned specifically for this, and it’s a straightforward catch to Ishant Sharma out in the deep as the ball goes off the top edge. Both the Australian openers are back in the dressing room now. Australia 36/1 vs India (443/7 dec.) 

05.35 IST: Just ahead of a length, in line of the stumps and this is what’s needed more from the Indian pacers. Khawaja defends this, but the ball keeps low. Had the batsman missed, he would have been plumb for sure. Challenge for the batsmen too, it’s not going to be easy out there. AUS 30/1 vs IND (443/7 dec.)

05.25 IST: OUT! Ishant Sharma removes Aaron Finch for 8. The first casualty is down for Australia. And what a catch from Mayank Agarwal at short mid-wicket. Good captaincy from Virat Kohli to bring in that catching fielder. It made Ishant bowl straighter and get the result. Full on middle, coming in slightly, Finch flicks this aerially. Agarwal at short mid-wicket dives quick and dives low to his left to pull off an absolute blinder. Good work from the debutant. A welcome wicket for the visitors, as both openers were looking confident, so they needed to get a breakthrough quickly. Australia 24/1 vs India (443/7 dec.) 

05.23 IST: FOUR! That is a beautiful, confident shot from Aaron Finch. No swing in the air at all, Ishant just hangs it in the air outside off. Finch takes a stride forward and caresses the drive through the covers for a boundary. Australia 24/0 in 10 overs vs India (443/7 dec.)

05.15 IST:

05.13 IST:  FOUR! First of the morning. Good shot from Marcus Harris. He has some room on offer outside off, just waits for it, uses the pace and with his fast hands cuts it past gully for a boundary. AUS 16/0 vs IND (443/7 dec.)

05.08 IST: It is an okayish start from Ishant Sharma. He started with a No ball! Bit of a false start. Comes from around the wicket to Harris, angles it in on middle and leg, the left-hander clips it off his pads and works it down to fine leg for a single. Ishant overstepped on that occasion. Australia 12/0 vs India (443/7 dec.)

05.03 IST: 

04.59 IST: Time to begin. As the Indian team is in a huddle by the boundary line, The Australian openers Marcus Harris and Aaron Finch stride out to the middle. Ishant Sharma will be handed the ball first up. Two Slips and a gully in position for him. Let’s roll…

04.56IST: Mark Howard has Rohit Sharma with him for an interview just beside the Indian Team which is undergoing a few fielding drills. Rohit says that the drills that are going on are regarding the position of the slips and close-in fielders, considering the low carry on the surface. He also adds that the back injury he had in the previous game has completely sorted itself and he is 100% now. Ends by saying that the on-field banter was a lot of fun but when he is in the middle, he tends to concentrate on his batting.

04.51 IST:

04.45 IST: That said, a lot would be expected of the two Victorian opening batsmen, especially Marcus Harris with the good form he is in. The middle order comes into the game with some confidence but, will their being on the field for almost two days have an effect on them? So many possibilities! A long haul from the Australian batsmen with a toil for the Indian bowlers or, A great bowling performance running through the hosts order? What are we about to witness? Or will it be a neck and neck day ? Whatever it is, the day has to be exciting. Lets wait and watch!

04.40 IST:

04.35 IST: Day 3 of the 3rd Test of the Border-Gavaskar trophy is nicely poised and it’ll be interesting to see how they day pans out. Australia have their task cut out to bat and bat long, they have the threats of the pitch that has started to play tricks and an Indian bowling unit that is in good form to contend with. A certain Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja should most possibly be their biggest fear on a surface with variable bounce.

04.30 IST: Hello and Welcome to our live coverage of the third Test between Australia and India from the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

BRIEF PREVIEW: Cheteshwar Pujara produced yet another classy hundred and stitched a 170-run stand with captain Virat Kohli (82) to put India in command against Australia on day 2 of the third Test in Melbourne on Thursday. Pujara hit his second century of the series, a dogged but faultless 106 off 319 balls, to ensure that India consolidated the good start of the first day. It was though his slowest hundred in Test cricket yet. (Australia vs India – Day 2 Highlights)

Kohli, who contributed a significant 82 off 204 balls, made a surprising declaration and finished India’s first innings at 443 for 7. Rohit Sharma ended on 63 not out off 114 balls, inclusive of five fours, while Pat Cummins was the pick of the Australian bowlers, taking 3/72 in a back-breaking effort of 34 overs. (Read Full Day 2 Report – AUS vs IND)

Playing XI:

India: Virat Kohli (captain), Ajinkya Rahane, Mayank Agarwal, Hanuma Vihari, Cheteshwar Pujara, Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant (wicketkeeper), Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah.

Australia: Tim Paine (Captain-wicketkeeper) Aaron Finch, Marcus Harris, Usman Khawaja, Shaun Marsh, Travis Head, Mitchell Marsh, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood.