Australia head coach Justin Langer says they are keeping a close eye on their players, especially those who are home alone, to keep tab on their mental health in wake of coronavirus enforced self-isolation. Also Read - Delhi Logs 17,282 Fresh COVID-19 Cases, 9,952 Recoveries In Last 24 Hours

“The mental health thing, we talked about it in a conference call yesterday, particularly for any of our staff or players who are home alone basically. We have to keep an eye on those guys and girls to make sure they’re ok,” Langer told ESPNcricinfo. Also Read - Rajasthan Government Announces Curfew From 6 PM to 6 AM Amid Soaring COVID Cases

Langer said Cricket Australia is fully equipped to take care of its players in such scenarios which is an important part of any leadership. Also Read - Karan Wahi Receives Hate Messages, Death Threats Over His Post on Naga Babas in Kumbh Mela Amid COVID-19 Crisis

“Hopefully being around their families and having a rest from the pressure of the games at the moment will have an impact. But we’re very aware and we’ve got incredible resources available for all our players and staff at Cricket Australia. In leadership we talk about caring about people – it’s a really, really important part of any leadership,” he said.

As cricketing world comes to a standstill with several events cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus, Langer has put a positive spin on the forced break, saying it’s time fir players to unwind and spend time with their families which is a luxury for a professional cricketer.

Australia’s home bilateral ODI series against New Zealand was abandoned after the opening match earlier this month. Several Aussie cricketers were to travel to India for the IPL which has also been put on hold till April 15 as the world fights to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m trying to encourage our players to find some silver lining. We identified in South Africa a number of our players were physically and mentally exhausted. We had all winter (in England) with the World Cup and the Ashes then into our summer… it gives them (players) a really good opportunity to recharge. We’re looking at scenarios to make sure we’ll be ready for whatever comes,” he said.

He continued, “The very fact we’re sitting here now, the truth is for me personally and for all the players, this is like nirvana in the fact we’re home with our families, we sleep in our own bed, we eat home-cooked dinners and we can still work in one degree or another from home.”

“What it does do for me and a lot of the guys who are on the road for 10 months of the year it gives us the chance to be with our families, grow a beard, wear no shoes, get in my garden and be able to work from my office at home. There’s upside.”