Australia’s domestic T20 cricket competition known as the Big Bash League (BBL) confirmed a contracting rule change for its upcoming edition on Saturday. The competition’s player contracting rules have been changed to allow every BBL club to contract up to six overseas players across the season, two more than the previous seasons. The clubs are entitled to have a maximum of two overseas players in their eighteen-man squad, but now they can nominate an additional four overseas players as the potential replacements throughout the course of the upcoming BBL tournament.

“At the conclusion of each season, we take the time to review what’s working well and where we can make positive changes to the game and the fan experience. We’ve considered feedback from our fans and worked with relevant stakeholders of the game to implement changes that will continue to improve the competition in 2019/20,” Cricket Australia executive general manager fan engagement Anthony Everard said in an official statement.

“The ACA, BBL clubs and our broadcast partners have been an integral part of that, leading to the introduction of each club being allowed to contract up to six overseas players in BBl. The maximum number of overseas players permitted in a club’s squad will remain at two, but there is now increased flexibility to contract up to six players throughout the season and rotate them in and out as required,” he added. The pilot ruling which was introduced last year will continue in the upcoming edition of the tournament which will allow the teams to have the flexibility to rotate the overseas players in and out of their squads as required.

This change in rules comes after the league reviewed its rules and regulations following the conclusion of last year’s BBL.