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FULL TIME [Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid] Real Madrid hold on and have managed to avenge their humiliating loss early on in the season. Ronaldo redeems himself and it was down to some excellent defensive work from Casemiro. In attack, Bale was Madrid’s stand out player.

90+1′ Patient build up play from Barca but they need more than just that this time. There is only two minutes on the clock. The ball goes to the left to Neymar, who delivers a low through ball in the box and Turan takes a shot, blocked.

Bale comes off and Vazquez comes on. The former Spurs winger was immense tonight.

88′ Barca appeal for a foul through Suarez and Real once again are dangerous on the counter, Modric was on the ball and he just missed floating a cross in. The ball goes to the end and Messi’s punt forward is cleared easily by Pepe.

85′ GOAL!!! Barca 1-2 Real (Ronaldo) Stunning goal and Bale is the architect. 10-man Real attack in numbers and the Welshman crossed the ball perfectly to Ronaldo in the back post, the Madrid talisman chests the ball down and thumps the ball into the net. The flag and the whistle stayed down this time.

83′ More twists in the tale and Sergio Ramos is given a second yellow, RED. It was a clumsy sliding tackle from the Madrid skipper, who readily accepts the decision. There was more drama a second ago and after Ronaldo shot from the left and the ball went just over.

81′ Controversy here! Ronaldo weighs in a superb cross to the far post and Bale heads the ball into the net… no, the whistle is blown. It was a perfectly legitimate goal as Bale is impeded for climbing on Alba. The truth is that he had beaten his man.

79‘ Mascherano wins the ball and that was probably goal-saving from the Argentinian. Ronaldo was running away with it in the centre. At the other end, Messi chips the ball into the area, superb ball but Suarez shot it narrowly wide.

77′ Excellent turn from Bale, who switches play to the right but a foul is given against Real. There is a change from Zidane, Jese comes on for Benzema.

75′ Benzema plays a poor back-pass while defending and he’s lucky that Suarez, who couldn’t control the ball, didn’t do much with it.

Substitution for Barca: Turan on for Rakitic

73′ Barca are blocked off and there are more misplaced passes from the Blaugurana midfielders. Iniesta slips a ball into Neymar at the edge of the box but the Brazilian’s first touch is poor, cleared.

71′ Casemiro once again gets the ball from Messi at the edge of the area. The ball comes back out and a cross comes in from Alves on the right, Messi heads it and Suarez cant connect a proper shot, well wide.

69′ Bale has a shot but Bravo gets down on time to pouch the ball. It was an encouraging counter-attack from Real and Ronaldo squared it for the Welshman, who took a shot from the right.

67′ The ball is back in play and the Barcelona have more possession and suddenly, the Real Madrid defense is caught in action as a ball is thumped in and give away a corner. The ball is cleared out safely by Real this time.

65′ Barca have the ball and sweep the ball from left to right. Messi chips the ball to the left flank but the ball is cleared out from the defense.

62′ GOAL!!! Barca 1-1 Real (Benzema) What a finish and it is probably as good as any in an El Clasico. There is a shot from the right. Only seconds ago, Barca were dominating the midfield. The ball bobs up in the air from Toni Kroos’s cut-back and the Frenchman, from a crowded area executes a bicycle kick and the ball is into the net.

60′ The crowd now is on it’s feet after being dormant for so long. Barca have the ball and there are cries of “Ole” as Barca have possession. The ball is cleared out by the Real defense frantically as Messi tries to work his way into the box.

58′ Ronaldo tries to single-handedly get past the entire Barca backline all by himself. He gets past Alves but Pique sticks with him and kicks the ball out.

56′ GOAL!!! GOAL!!! Barca 1-0 Real (Gerard Pique) The defender slips away from Pepe masterfully and meets Iniesta’s corner and the ball is bundled into the net with ease. It was poor from Pepe but that was almost Puyol-like and Barca are away.

54‘ Fantastic shot there from Messi. Barca took the ball on the counter and Messi in the centre lets a delicious slip fly to the top left corner but Navas is up for the task and parries the ball out for a corner.

52‘ Dani Alves is clutching his face and pounds the ground in pain. Replays show that there was an elbow from Ramos on the Brazilian. The corner is taken short and Modric takes a shot from distance and the shot is straight to the keeper.

50‘ Barca restart the attack and the ball is passed patiently from the back by Barca. Messi and Iniesta exchanges passes near the touchline on the left. Real are closing space between the lines well once again.

48′ Messi takes another one, this time from 26 yards out the ball fizzles a couple of feet over the bar.

47′ Messi gets a cross in and Keylor Navas comes out and punches the ball out. Another poor back-pass from Real but they survive the Barca onslaught. Ramos fouls Suarez and a free-kick is given. The crowd pressure the referee to give Ramos his marching orders.

At this stage in November, Real were behind by two goals. They have maintained good shape defensively and have not allowed the opposition to get on top of them. Barca have threatened but have not got clear-cut chances. Benzema ought to have put that chance he got towards the end of the first half away

45+1′ Ramos goes down in the box and the referee has a close look and doesn’t wave for a foul. The ball rolls out of play at the Real end for a goalkick. Play restarts and that will be the end of the first half….peep!

44′ Extremely poor attempt from Benzema there. The cross came in and the Frenchman was found unmarked in the area. He could have even controlled and shot the ball but the ball goes well over..into Row Z

42′ Excellent shot from Alves but the ball goes just over! Barca were passing the ball well and it was a cross to the right , the Brazilian sliced the ball but the ball went over.

41’Ronaldo gets the ball on the left and has Pique ahead of him. The ball is squared but it doesn’t find Benzema and Barca are away.

38’Bale leaves Busquests flat-footed and runs with the ball on the right, the ball is crossed to the left and Real still have the ball. The ball is eventually cleared from Barca.

35′ Barca have the ball in the Real half. The ball goes back and Barca clear the ball out in the nick of time, just as Neymar was making a dangerous run through the centre.

33′ Madrid have the ball and are patiently building an attack. Marcelo wins the ball and Barca are away on the counter, Neymar gets a cross-field ball and runs but it is well cut out.

30′ Ronaldo to take the free kick from 30 yards out..he hits it well but the ball goes a feet over the bar.

28′ Barca have the ball and are  biding their time. The game has moved at a frenetic pace and Bale gets the ball and is away on the right, he cuts in and Mascherano takes a piece of him and a yellow card is brandished.

26′ Suarez is handed a yellow card flailing his arm at Pepe, who added fuel to the fire by  rolling on the floor clutching his face.

25′ Real now on the front foot. First, Ronaldo gets into the area and gets a shot…parried away by Bravo, the ball comes back and goes to the left and Bale takes a shot and the ball goes well over the bar.

23′ End to end stuff and Bravo comes out and clears a cross. At the other end, Messi is up and away and tries to be too cute for his own doing and the ball is taken away from him. He asks for a foul but that was a clean tackle.

22′ More attacks from Barca and Messi shows terrific feet to get past a couple of men but the ball is taken away, a shot comes in from distance then but the ball goes into orbit.

20′ Navas rescues Madrid for now as Barca come forward in droves into the Real territory. The ball goes to Rakitic, who finds the run of Suarez, his cut-back is cleared out and the resulting shot, which is from the left boot of the Croatian is parried away.

18′ Messi with the free-kick…over the bar by a couple of inches. That I suspect was Messi’s first touch. Good free-kick nonetheless.

17′ Now Carvajal goes in to the book and it’s a cynical challenge. The Real full back has no complaints as he clatters from the back onto Suarez.

16′ Whoa! Real nearly catch their opponents off guard and Toni Kroos threads a neat ball through to Bale, who dashes away to the byline but can’t get the cut-back.

15′ Barca have possession and the ball is hurriedly passed to Alves, Ronaldo trips him and the referee waves foul. The crowd asks for a card first but break into applause as it is the 14th minute of the game. Cruyff’s shirt number was 14.

13′ Modric gives a foul away and there are plenty of protests from the Barca players. Now Alba claims he was shoved by Bale when there was absolutely no touch.

11′ There was infringement from Suarez on Ramos and was clearly in an offside position. How did the flag not go up? Ramos was subsequently booked for protesting too.

10′ Barca were threatening to build some pressure outside the area but Real take the ball away…and what happened there? What a miss from Suarez. It was big kick from Bravo, Neymar got the ball and squares the ball to Suarez, who can’t get a touch at the far post.

8′ Barca have possession but the ball is taken away from the opposition. Long hopeful ball from Real, cleared out. Ronaldo finally gets his first touch of the game and Alves fouls him.

6‘ Casemiro commits a foul as Rakitic runs with the ball and Barca have a free kick from the right. The ball is squared to Iniesta in the centre and the ball is cleared out by Real.

4′ Rakitic wins a tackle in midfield and tries to thread a ball on the left but Modric makes an excellent saving tackle and the ball is passed back to Navas. suarez is called offside. There is long punt down-field and Bale is called offside too.

2′ Suarez was almost through and Pepe and Busquests have clash of boots as they go for a tackle. Pepe is going off the field

A minute’s silence observed before the game for Cruyff and the game is ready for kick-off

There is a moving tribute to the late Johan Cruyff before kick-off and the entire stadium applauds

Hello and welcome to the El Clasico match beteween Barcelona and Real Madrid from the Camp Nou, which will be packed to the rafters. Barca are unbeaten for 39 games in a stretch and are chasing a world record number of wins. They are 10 points clear of the top of the table and have stolen a march over their opponents. They are chasing back-to-back league titles and Champions League wins. It is also touted as a contest between ‘MSN’ and ‘BBC’ with the former strike trio having stolen a march over the rest. It will be a steep learning curve for Zinedine Zidane, who will be facing his first match as manager in a Clasico. Also Read: Catch the preview of the contest here



Claudio Bravo; Dani Alves, Gerard Pique, Javier Mascherano, Jordi Alba; Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Busquests, Andres Iniesta; Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Neymar Also Catch: Live Streaming of the match here

Real Madrid 

Keylor Navas; Dani Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo; Luca Modric, Casmerio, Toni Kroos; Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo