In what was one of the most monumental comebacks in UEFA Champions League history, Liverpool overcame a first-leg 3-0 deficit to defeat Barcelona 4-0 in the second leg of the tournament’s semi-finals on Tuesday. Liverpool progressed to the finals of the coveted European competition while Barcelona were eliminated after their slump at the Anfield stadium.

On the night, it was Barcelona’s distractions and complacency which cost them the match. That was most evident in the event which led to the crucial third goal. Liverpool’s Alexander Arnold caught Barcelona defenders off guard on which he capitalised impulsively with a quick corner which was converted by Divok Origi.

Referring to the same incident, Mumbai Police shared a video if it to point out that even the mightiest can suffer the costs of being distracted.

“Be it the road to a final, or way back home – being distracted cost dear even to the mightiest. It can cost you dearly too,” read the tweet by Mumbai Police.

Barcelona were recently crowned as champions of Spain and ahead of the match, fans and critics ruled out all possibility of a comeback. Even if there was to be one, no one in their wildest dreams would have predicted a 4-0 scoreline. In this case, the seemingly impossible became utterly inevitable after Barcelona’s scrappy gameplay right from the early minutes.

Following the match, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp lauded Alexander’s presence of mind to take the corner in such an instinctive manner. “I saw the ball flying in the net but I had no clue who took the corner and who scored. It was all too quick for me,” he said.