It seems like only Indian fans have the right to troll Virat Kohli. But, when an outsider does that to the Indian skipper, the same fans change sides and hit back. Well, this is Indian cricket. Indian fans are very passionate about the game and their heroes. The Indian cricketers are treated like demi-gods, literally. Recently, Kohli and Pant drew flak for a commercial ad, they were part off. But when an Australian trolled Kohli, all the Kohli fans jumped into his rescue.

“Amazing what people do for money,” Hodge wrote on the video.

Here is how Indians hit back:

Soon after Hodge realised he was getting trolled, he issued a clarification on what he really meant. “Funny, I never did say there was nothing wrong with it. I would do the same. Your interpretation of my comment was so ‘glass half full’ if I attach ??. Your interpretation would be different.

“Amazing how brutal people are in response. So negative and glass half full. I was not speaking in a negative tone. I would do the same if asked and paid,” Hodge clarified.