Brazil coach Tite has claimed Argentine superstar Lionel Messi told him to shut up during an international friendly between the two countries on Friday. In his first international match following a three-month ban, Messi struck the lone goal of the night to fire Argentina to a 1-0 win in Riyadh.

He was suspended after accusations of favouritism after Argentina’s Copa America third-place playoff defeat to Chile in July.

It was an international friendly but the rivalry didn’t lose its usual edge. Two penalties were awarded during the match with Tite losing his cool after Messi wasn’t given a yellow card during one point. However, Messi, seemingly frustrated by the coach’s constant complaints from the sidelines, asked him to shush.

Tite later avoided dwelling into the issue, saying it’s over. “I only complained because he should have been booked and he told me to shut up, so I told him to shut up. It’s over now,”

However, he did take a shot at the match referee Matthew Conger. “I don’t want to answer anymore on it. You need a strong referee. It should have been a card, I was right to complain,” he said.

Brazil were awarded a penalty when Jesus was tripped by German Pezzella in the box, however his shot went wide.

A few minutes later, Alex Sandro’s challenge on Messi resulted in a penalty for Argentina which goalkeeper Alisson saved. However, Messi tapped in the rebound, a goal which proved decisive.

“It’s important to win and it is always nice to beat Brazil, for the rivalry, which feels a lot of late,” Messi said. “It’s good for everything that is to come, to continue growing while looking towards the qualifiers and the next Copa America (in 2020).”