India allrounder Irfan Pathan has expressed his concerned regarding the police action on students who were protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Several Jamia Millia Islamia stundents, policemen and firemen were reportedly injured as the CAA protests turned violent in the national capital on Sunday.

As per several reports, the protesting students torched four public buses and two police vehicles near the Jamia university.

Pathan said the political game will go on forever but said he was concerned about the injured students. “Political blame game will go on forever but I and our country is concerned about the students of #JamiaMilia #JamiaProtest,” Pathan posted on his Twitter handle.

However, a student body belonging to Jamia has denied its involvement in the torching of vehicles blaming the violent acts on outside elements who joined the protests to ‘disrupt’ it. They also accused the police of high-handedness.

The police say they entered the university campus to bring the situation under control but university chief proctor Ahmed Khan claims otherwise. He alleges they forcefully made their way into the campus, beating students and several staff members. “Police entered the campus by force, no permission was taken. Staff members and students were beaten up and forced to leave the campus,” the chief proctor said.