Striker Diego Costa has accused his current club Chelsea for treating him like a ‘criminal’ and admitted that he won’t return to the club.

He however remains hopeful that the Blues will sanction his return to Atletico Madrid.

The Spanish striker was told by manager Antonio Conte that he has no future at Stamford Bridge. Costa spoke exclusively to Dailymail in an interview. He went on to say that the Chelsea manager lacks charisma and that he is happy to continue accepting fines for refusing to train with the reserves. “They want me to be there training with the reserves,” Costa said.

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“I wouldn’t be allowed access to the first-team dressing room and I would have no contact with the guys. I’m not a criminal. I don’t think it is fair after all I have done to be treated like that. I am not in the wrong here. So, if they need to fine me, let them fine me. I take the hit every week but I’m not driven by money. You know that the manager doesn’t want me. I am waiting for Chelsea to set me free. I didn’t want to leave. I was happy. When the manager does not want you, you have to go.”

“I want the deal with Atlético resolved this month,” added the Spain striker. “My idea would be to go to Madrid, train there, get in the best physical shape and be ready to fire ahead of the World Cup.”

Costa played for Atletico between 2010 and 2014 and hopes to make a return to the club.