New York, Apr 24 :  A plan is underway to donate former WWE wrestler Chyna’s brain to science, says her manager. “We want to donate her brain. We want to know what made Chyna tick,” manager Anthony Anzaldo said. He said lawyers reached out to him long before Chyna’s death Wednesday to test her interest in joining a brain injury lawsuit against the WWE, reported the New York Daily News. (Also Read: Former WWE star Chyna passes away  ) Also Read - WWE RAW Results Today: Bobby Lashley Defeats The Miz to Become New WWE Champion; Braun Strowman Loses Tag Team Championship Match

They did not want any part in litigation but were intrigued by the science, he said. “When she died, they called me again and asked, ‘Can we have her brain,'” Anzaldo said. “My hope is that we can do it. I’m in the process of getting the permission to speak on behalf of family to tell the coroner it’s okay to release it.” He identified the doctor involved as Dr Bennet Omalu, the famed forensic pathologist who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) by examining professional football players. The true story of Dr Omalu’s fight to make the NFL recognize CTE was brought to the big screen by Will Smith last year. Also Read - WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Full Results: The Miz Wins WWE Championship, Roman Reigns Retains Universal Championship

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