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  • 6:59 PM IST

    Ok this is it. Ghana winning 1-0 and we also have a result in the other game, it is 1-1 in the match between New Zealand and Turkey. So both matches getting over here and it has been a fine start with both matches not throwing any shocks. So this is it from us as we continue you to bring you all the updates from the games going ahead in the tournament.

  • 6:52 PM IST

    Now just a few minutes for full time and Colombia getting desperate for their first goal and once again Ghana keeping them at bay. But one has to give a lot of credit to Colombia that they have matched Ghana toe to toe, keeping them all too confused at times as this has not gone to plan for the two-time champions but one expects them to improve as they move on in the tournament. Ok six minutes of added time – three minutes of extra time and three minutes of injury time.

  • 6:44 PM IST

    So now we are past 80 minutes as once again Colombia on the attack and we can tell you, they have come so close and just missing it. It was absolutely stunning as the player just all alone coming and taking the goalkeeper Ibrahim by surprise who recovered in time to prevent a goal for Colombia.

  • 6:37 PM IST

    Ok news coming in from Navi Mumbai, it is 1-1 there. So the underdogs New Zealand coming back into play. But Colombia not able to find any such opening as it is still 1-0 in Ghana’s favour. Now we are in the 77th minute. Now Ghana getting another corner, their fourth of the game. On the other hand, we have Colombia, having seven corners in the match too.

  • 6:31 PM IST

    Now we are in the 66th minute in the game and it is still the same pattern as we saw in the first half of the game with both teams having their moments but Colombia having it once compared to every three chances that Ghana would create. It is still the day of Sadiq Ibrahim who has taken our breath away on how he has stolen more magic than the rest of the players combined.

  • 6:22 PM IST

    Still 1-0 in Ghana’s favour as we have Colombia running them down every few minutes. They have kept their heads high but this match has belonged to two fine young men, Ayiah and Sadiq Ibrahim. They have been both superb in the front line. Ayiah has created several chances. Ibrahim on the other hand has been the standout player of the game.

  • 6:14 PM IST

    Now our friend Ayiah in action again as he has been absolutely magnificent this evening. One more close shave for him. He has had a few here. Now once again Ghana on top of Colombia, trying for a goal every few minutes. Not just trying but also creating the chances. And Colombia also get an opening every now and then, just to break the flow.

  • 6:08 PM IST

    Ok so the second half is underway and Ghana will look to consolidate their lead here in front of a more than decent crowd as below you can see in the pictures sent by our colleague. It is of course all building up for the 8 pm game which is a sell out but they will also have more than a bunch of young kids who will be in attendance during that game.

New Delhi: Hello and welcome to our live coverage from match one in FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 as we bring you all the action here. The opener of the tournament will be played at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. Ghana will probably go in as favourites considering they are two-time champions. Colombia on the other have had their best finish at number four, twice in the tournament, before.

Four years before that, the Ghanians shattered Spain’s dream in the summit showdown in 1991 for the African nation’s maiden triumph in the youth tournament. Though Ghana could not quite conjure up the same magic, which saw them lift two titles, in the following years, they still managed to reach the final on two occasions.

This time around, they are entering the tournament on the back of some very impressive performances in the Africa U-17 Cup of Nations. Ghana’s oponents, Colombia, are normally among the top four South American footballing nations alongside Brazil and Argentina, but they have not made it to the tournament since the 2009 edition when they finished third.

Colombia have so far competed in five editions of the tournament, finishing third on two occasions. They hustled and bustled their way to India with a last-ditch victory over continental rival Paraguay. Ghana’s head coach Paa Kwesi Fabin said his players are eager to rekindle the glory days of the past.

“In India, we’ll be out to show we’re the best. Our aim is to get to the final and win it,” Fabin had said. The 1990s marked a golden era for Ghana’s U-17 national team. The Black Starlets were the undoubted dominant force, reaching the final at four of the decade’s five FIFA U-17 World Cups, including lifting the trophy in 1991 (Italy) and 1995 (Ecuador). It also finished on the podium in 1999 (New Zealand).

However, it has been a different story since the turn of the century. Besides a brief revival in 2007, when it reached the semifinals, Ghana have consistently failed to hit the heights at this level, to the extent that it has only graced two of the last seven instalments of the U-17 World Cup. (With PTI inputs)