When the hashtag #DhoniRetires began trending on Twitter, rumour mill went into overdrive over the speculations that the former India captain MS Dhoni has indeed called it a day.Also Read - MS Dhoni Arrives in Chennai Weeks Ahead Of IPL 2022 Mega Auction

However, soon after a new hashtag took its place among the top trends – #DhoniNeverTires and it was enough proof that the earlier claims were nothing but rumours. Also Read - WATCH | Shardul Thakur Engage in a Hilarious Banter With Lucknow Super Giants Captain KL Rahul and Yuzvendra Chahal, Asks How Much is The Budget For Him

Later Dhoni’s wife Sakshi too slammed the claims before deleting her tweet. Also Read - Kapil Dev Requests Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly to Put Country Before Anything Else, Urges Them to Resolve the Issue

Now, Keshav Banerjee, Dhoni’s childhood coach, has cleared the air saying when the time for announcing retirement comes, a proper press conference will be held.

“Dhoni is not the kind of person who will call up people and tell them ‘I am retiring’. He knows how to do it. When he will feel it is time, he will inform BCCI and call a proper press conference and do all the things that needs to be done. Like he did when he called time on his Test career,” Banerjee told IANS.

Banerjee also advised people to not go by what’s trending on social media claiming a lot of them end up being fake news anyway.

“You don’t go by social media. There are many things that become ‘trends’ but end up as fake news. I don’t know why people are after Dhoni. I know him well and I can tell you, he will let all of us know when he thinks he has to retire,” Banerjee said.

Speculations continue to hover like dark clouds over Dhoni’s international career since he hasn’t played any competitive cricket since the ICC Cricket World Cup last year.

The indefinite suspension of IPL, which was to be the platform where Dhoni would launch his India comeback, has only fanned the rumours. But Banerjee says Dhoni is still fit enough to play international cricket and should be part of India’s squad even if it’s rescheduled for next year.

“You will get to see in the IPL how fit Dhoni still is. He can play the T20 World Cup even if it is postponed. Even if it happens next year,” Banerjee said.