In his 12-year-long international career, India captain Virat Kohli broke several records and earned numerous accolades for his top-level batsmanship across formats. More than 20,000 international runs and an average of 50+ in all three formats – Tests, ODIs and T20I further validate the debate that Kohli is arguably the best modern-day batsman in the world at the moment. However, Kohli’s journey was not a bed full of roses as he went through several ups and downs in his career. From a chubby youngster to becoming one of the fittest sportspersons on the globe – Kohli put in the hard yards and showed steely determination to overcome the odds and become the best in the business. Also Read - THIS City in India to Begin Door-to-door Vaccination Drive From Monday. All You Need to Know

However, the 31-year-old on Tuesday spoke about the moment when he felt most helpless in his career and shed light on the incident when he questioned his skill to play at the top level. “I felt nothing was working for me when I was not picked for the state team initially. I cried the whole night and asked my coach ‘why did I not get selected’?” he responded whilst speaking in an online class organised by “Unacademy” along with his actor wife Anushka Sharma. The couple also spoke about the challenges the two-faced en route to fame. Also Read - India's Remotest Corners May Soon Seen Vaccine Delivery Through Drones, Bids Invited: Report

“The one positive out of this crisis that we as a society have become more compassionate. We are showing more gratitude to the frontline workers in this war, be it police personnel, doctors or nurses.” Also Read - VIDEO: When Virat Kohli Lost His Cool During a Football Match!

“I hope it stays this way even after we overcome this crisis,” said Kohli.

Kohli said the pandemic has taught the world a very important lesson. “Life is unpredictable. So, do what makes you happy and not get into comparisons all the time. People have a choice now how to come out of this phase. Life is going to be different after this,” said the skipper.

For Anushka, the pandemic has forced people to care about the basics in life.

“There is a learning in all of this. Nothing happens without a reason. If the frontline workers were not there, we would not have access to basics,” she said.

“This has taught us that no one is special than the other. Health is everything. We are more connected as a society now,” she added.