Sanjay Bangar feels that for players to become a successful coach, they have to delink from their past.Also Read - Rohit Sharma Fitness Test: When and Where It Will Happen | All You Need to Know

Bangar, a former India batting coach, says a coach shouldn’t go by the way he/she may have played the game. Also Read - Sachin Tendulkar: The Cost of Little Master's Hundred International Centuries

“May be players who have played at a very elite level may not understand what players of average ability are going through. One thing that we are taught during our coaching education is that you delink from your past. Basically you can’t coach the way you’ve played the game,” Bangar said on Star Sports’ Cricket Connected. Also Read - Virat Kohli and India's Troubles: The Deep Blues of the Retro Jersey

Former New Zealand head coach and current Royal Challengers Bangalore‘s current Director of Cricket Mike Hesson says it’s important for to gain the confidence of players and earn their respect.

“Once the player identifies that you are of use to them as a coach, then you’ve got their respect and for some coaches that takes longer time than others. When you become useful to a player, they actually think that this guy is going to be helpful for me to get the best out of me as a player,” Hesson said.

Coaching, Hesson says, isn’t just about inspiring players with past stories as there should be an genuine attempt at making improvement.

“It’s not about just telling them stories about what you used to do as a player, but it is about them genuinely thinking that you can help them become a player. That is pretty much what the role of a coach is. The coaches that are less experienced and come straight from a playing background, they will exhaust all their personal experiences in the first week of coaching,” he said.