The elimination of Messi-led Argentina and Ronaldo-led Portugal from the Round of 16 of Football’s flagship event FIFA World Cup 2018 shocked the entire world of Football. Also Read - Cristiano Ronaldo in Barcelona Jersey: Fan-Made Images go Viral After Transfer Rumours

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have not been able to lift the World Cup trophy yet. Despite their impressive tally of the contribution of goals and assists for their respective nations and clubs( both are all-time leading scorers for both club and country) and winning the 5 Ballon d’Or’s (World’s Best Footballer Of The Year) in their bag. Also Read - Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer News Update: Juventus Offers Star Footballer to Barcelona After Champions League Exit

They have both scored numerous goals and won many titles for their respective clubs. But, winning World Cup titles for the country is completely different from winning titles in a franchise-based league-or at least that is the popular belief to define greatness in sports. Also Read - Amid Cristiano Ronaldo's PSG Transfer Rumours, Juventus Star Enjoys Vacation With Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez After Champions League Exit | POST

Messi is a part of the 4-time champions league winner of the year 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2015. Whereas, Ronaldo had been a part of the 5-time champions league winner of the year 2008, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018. However, they are yet to win a World Cup winners medal to add to their numerous glittering accolades.

Meanwhile, AB De Villiers, one of the most destructive Batsmen is somewhat in the same league as Ronaldo and Messi of not winning a single world cup in his entire Cricketing career.

He was the master of unorthodox shots and is called as Mr. 360 degree, achieving several awards in his career including, three-time ICC ODI ‘Player of The Year’ award which is held at highest regard in the game of cricket. He also holds the record of hitting the fastest ODI century.

Eventually, he took a retirement from the cricketing world in May 2018 without achieving World Cup glory.

The advertisement video by Adidas football featuring Beckham and Zidane -two legends of the game is conceptualised on the need of creating respect regardless of the achievement of World Cup glory. Beckham and Zidane are among the most decorated players in football history but the former has not won the World Cup – whereas Zidane has.

How much relevance does a World Cup trophy hold in defining careers of the all-time MVPs of the game? Is it a parameter to define careers of the very best in sports?

It is a tad bit unfair, considering the fact that these are games played as a team with 11 men on the field.

The status of being the best comes with the scrutiny of how much can they single-handedly carry a team and win trophies for their respective countries often associating them with unrealistic expectations that cannot be attained by any one player, no matter how supremely gifted or talented they are, but a team of 11 men.

When players consistently perform beyond realistic expectations – like winning Ballon’Dor 5 times- There comes a flip side- to be seen as godly figures and always go beyond expectations- to always single-handedly carry their teams and their nation.

Our generation is privileged to witness some of the all-time greatest in the history of sports in the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo,  Ab de Villiers, LeBron James – the gifted, hard-working and inspirational figures of sports. Let’s not associate the materialistic trophy counts to define them as the greatest ever, because, in the heart of hearts, we know, we will always know.