It is no secret that two of the top modern athletes – Cristiano Ronaldo and Khabib Nurmagomedov – are good friends. Time and again, they have given fans a glimpse of it and they have – of course – loved it. Khabib has gone on to reveal that Ronaldo – like every dad – is concerned about the future of his son.Also Read - Blackpool Forward Jake Daniels Comes Out as Gay. Football Community Extends Support to 17-Year-Old

In a recent YouTube chat with Krasava, Khabib recalled that Ronaldo had told him that he did not even have a pair of boots, while his son has almost everything. That is why Ronaldo seems to be worried that Ronaldo Jr will never have the hunger to succeed. Also Read - Kohli At 61, These Are World's Top 10 Richest Sportstars in Earnings

“He told me he wanted his son to succeed him but he was worried his son won’t be able to do it since when Cristiano himself was his age, he could only dream about a pair of simple cleats [boots]. His son has everything. So he’s worried that he will never feel that hunger,” Khabib said. Also Read - Inter Milan Lift Eighth Coppa Italia Title After Defeating Juventus 4-2

Adding further, the 32-year old Russian martial arts icon reckoned that without hunger it is difficult to feel motivated.

In fact, people are driven by hunger. One needs motivation, one needs to have a desire to achieve things. When you have everything, it’s hard to find a proper source of motivation,” Khabib added.

Ronaldo’s son is also a footballer and aspires to be good at his art.

In 2019, Business Insider reported that Cristiano Jr had scored 58 goals in just 28 games at a junior-level tournament. The chip of the old block as they say! Now, only time will answer whether he goes on to achieve greatness like his father or not. Considering he is just 10, it is unfair to put so much pressure on him.