Islamabad: Prime Minister of Pakistan and former cricketer Imran Khan, in a series of tweets, advocated for specialist players in a pressure game like World Cup, agreeing with Indian cricketing legend Sunil Gavaskar that it’s more about mental strength than talent.

He also said that while mental strength will decide the outcome of the match, Pakistan is fortunate to have a bold captain in Sarfaraz and today he will have to be at his daring best.

“All fears of losing should be banished from the mind as the mind can only process one thought at a time. Fear of losing leads to a negative & defensive strategy & crucially mistakes by opponents are not pounced upon,” he tweeted and gave some suggestions to Sarfaraz and team.

Imran Khan also used the term ‘Raillu Kattas’ for the players who don’t have any impact in a pressure game.

He said that though India may be the favourites, the nation’s prayer is with the Pakistani team and they should banish the fear of losing.

“Finally, even though India may be the favourites, banish all fear of losing. Just give your best and fight till the last ball. Then accept whatever the result like true sportsmen. The nation’s prayers are with all of you. Good Luck,” he wrote.