Nike-Football-Dare-to-be-Brasilian-2The 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil is going to be without a doubt the greatest show on earth and while the event will be graced by some of the greatest players to ever grace the game including Messrs Ronaldo and Messi, the stars of the show will still be the hosts who will look to conquer the world with their unique Samba style. This Dare to be Brasilian ad released by Nike in December tries to capture the spirit of the World Cup and features the likes of Neymar, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, and even the legendary Ronaldo in a cameo. (Read: 10 greatest football moments of 2013)

The ad showcases different aspects of Brazilian football with Thiago as the noir gangster/Godfather figure – the no-nonsense defender who can’t be moved, Luiz as a four-year-old kid who transforms into a giant animated superhero, and papa Scolari shouting out instructions from the sideline. It also shows hard-to-catch winger Bernard as the fleet-footed midfield who is moving in giants while Paulinho turns up in an indoor court paying homage to Brazil’s street football. The finale is reserved Brazil’s greatest superstar right now – Neymar who bamboozles the entire defence on the beach before scoring a goal. The ad ends with the ominous statement – ‘No one plays like us’ a timely reminder to other favourites!