London: A day after The Hundred came to an end on Sunday and soon after that comparisons with the cash-rich Indian Premier League started. Former England cricketer David Gower gave an interesting suggestion for IPL. Gower suggested one rule change IPL could bring in like The Hundred.Also Read - IPL Returns as Precursor to T20 World Cup

The Hundred introduced many new rules including penalising the bowling team with mandatory field changes that force it to place an extra fielder inside the circle leaving the boundary a little more vulnerable. Also Read - IPL 2021: Virat Kohli Heaps Praise on Hasaranga and Chameera as RCB Unveil Blue Jersey

“If the IPL were to adopt that one idea from The Hundred, which is to penalize the fielding side if they’re too slow, with field placing, that would make a difference to any game. So maybe that’s one of the good ideas to come out of The Hundred,” Gower told Also Read - IPL 2021: Virender Sehwag Picks Four Players he Will be Intently Watching in UAE

With the IPL set to add two more franchises ahead of next season, it would be interesting to see if this rule is brought in or not.

Gowar admitted that he does not get upset with slow over rates, but just penalising cricketers – who are already well paid – does not solve the purpose.

“I don’t get too upset by over rates. But it would be nice if people could stick to the over rates. There is no easy answer. They’ve tried fining people, but nowadays the odd bit of money disappearing doesn’t seem to make a jot of difference to players, who are already incredibly well paid,” Gower said.

The English legend feels that docking the points may prove to be effective as it may end up impacting their chances of qualifying to the final. “Maybe this points thing is valid. Maybe you’ve got to fine the teams in a way that it works,” he said.