Disqualified members of BCCI, led by N Srinivasan, met at the capital on Monday and decided to fight out the directives, laid by the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Advisors (CoA), which they feel have created enough rifts and caused complications in BCCI. Also Read - BCCI Earned Rs 4,000 Crore From IPL 2020, Viewership Increased by 25 Per Cent

Personalities like Rajeev Shukla (UP), Jay Shah (Gujarat), Avishek Dalmiya (Bengal), GS Walia (Punjab) and Niranjan Shah (Saurashtra), among others, were present in the meeting which was attended by Srinivasan over a video-conference. Also Read - India vs Australia: Will David Warner Engage in Verbal Duels During The Tour? The Opener Responds

“The CoA and especially their lawyers have raised issues with each association that are not really issues that exist but have been created. Their lawyers don’t seem to want that the issues get resolved for obvious reasons. The approach therefore has been petty and these issues are such that people have no option other than to challenge them and this would be a never-ending process if the CoA and their lawyers continue to act in this manner to go out of their way to harass entities,” a member of the Srinivasan faction was quoted as saying by IANS. Also Read - N Srinivasan And Amit Shah Are Effectively Running Indian Cricket; Board Steeped in Nepotism: Ramachandra Guha

The members of the meeting claimed that the CoA has not done anything right over the years and that they will counter the various directives of it. “This was a routine meeting. Show me one thing that the CoA has done right over the years. We will not be divulging our strategy for obvious reasons but we do need to counter the various directives by the CoA,” PTI quoted one of the members.

The other major issues that came out in the meeting was the process of BCCI’s general elections. After the implementation of the directives set by the Lodha Committee, some strict regulations were laid regarding the election process. Following the IPL scandal involving the-then BCCI chief Srinivasan, the Indian cricket body has remained under a close watch of the apex court. But today’s meeting saw some of the rejected members calling to break free from the BCCI and form their own cricket board.

“Look, the suggestion to form a parallel board has been floated a number of times at the Srinivasan faction. There is no concrete plan regarding this even though the matter keeps cropping up sometimes as a joke. As of now, there are no such plans,” one Srinivasan confidant claimed.