East Bengal footballer Mehtab Singh played an I-League match against Punjab FC while being diagnosed with chicken pox. His participation in the match put at risk players, officials and even child mascots as the contagious disease but it was reported that Singh was diagnosed with the medical condition only after he returned to Kolkata a day after the game.

The match ended up being a 1-1 draw but Singh’s participation did not go down well with Punjab FC Ranjit Bajaj, who slammed the club for its carelessness.

“This is so stupid and highly irresponsible. He has put at risk not just my players and his teammates but even our six-seven-year-old accompanying the players entering the pitch before the match. Just imagine,” Bajaj told PTI. “That is not brave, this is simply stupid. Ever since he boarded the plane or train from Kolkata, he must have put the players at risk of contracting this highly contagious disease.”

An irate Bajaj was worried about the consequences, wondering what it could have led to including possible contacts with players from both teams. “Yes, he was there playing the game was and there after the match. Now, most of my kids who walking the players out have not had chicken pox, what would I do if they chicken pox now and their parents sue me,” Bajaj said while expressing his concern.

“I don’t even know if my players had chicken pox. And what would I do if they fall sick now. How will my team play? I heard that they didn’t have a central defender good enough to play in his place, but that cannot be a reason for playing him.”