World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) former Universal champion Roman Reigns is currently battling a remission of leukemia due to which he remains to be sidelined ever since relinquishing his title in October last year. During the face which led to his temporary retirement, Reigns was at the top of his game and he had defeated Brock Lesnar.

While his former colleagues confirmed the improvement of his health, Reigns kept himself occupied with a new project – a movie alongside Dwayne Johnson in his upcoming movie ‘Hobbs and Shaw’. Dwayne took to social media to share a picture where he and Reigns were dressed in traditional Samoan attire.

‘The Rock’ also revealed that he is proud of his cousin, who will be making his debut in the big screen as his brother- Luke Hobbs. The former legendary WWE wrestler tweeted that it was great to have his cousin play his brother.

And it was fuuuun to go legit beast mode with my cousin in our movie where he plays my brother. #LetTheBodiesHitTheFloor #HobbsAndShaw AUG 2nd.

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) January 28, 2019

Dwayne also revealed that Reign’s state of mind is at a new level with his Leukemia recovery.

WWE fans suffered a huge shock when Reigns made a heart-breaking revelation about his deteriorating health condition due to his long battle with leukemia. He made an official statement about his illness during the live telecast of the WWE’s RAW event in October 2018. He has also forced to give up his championship belt after not being able to compete further at the big stage in world wrestling and entertainment.

Leukemia is cancer which starts in blood-forming tissue, usually the bone marrow. It leads to the over-production of abnormal white blood cells, the part of the immune system which defends the body against infection.