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It’s definitely been an adjustment for us. Obviously, there are no fans, and that’s why the NXT talents are there to act as the crowd. See the lifeblood of the WWE are our fans. It’s very noticeable. When you think of ‘KofiMania’ last year, so much of that was the organic movement of fans. And it’s not the same without having them in the building. Fans are the best parameter. They tell you whether something is great or not. One of the beautiful things about what we do as far as entertainment is concerned is we get that automatic and immediate feedback. We are excited for the opportunity to get back in front of our fans when the time is right. As of now, it doesn’t seem to be the case. We are tested for COVID-19 before ever taping. It’s definitely unique. But I’m still grateful for the opportunity to perform at the WWE Performance Center.

On How He Reaches A Comfort Zone As Part Of His Character

As far as promos are concerned, say my NXT stuff, I wasn’t fully comfortable. But I think this run with The New Day has allowed me to show different facets of my personality – to be bold, audacious, and even obnoxious. Also, there are times too when it calls for me to be more serious. I’m 11 years deep into my time with the WWE, and it’s definitely helped me to be myself and deliver a promo. So yeah, it’s huge. More opportunities mean more comfort. Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and I do some wild stuff. It’s kind of crazy with the stuff they (WWE) let us get away with.

On Performing Without Kingston And Woods

It’s different, but life is about adjustment. For me, it’s always been The New Day. We’ve been six years running and have no plans of stopping. But I think it’s the right time for me to do my own thing, test those waters and become the world champion. As much as I love doing tag stuff, it’s been a fine change of pace and it challenges you in a different way, creatively.

On How He Would Have Fared Had The New Day Not Come Together

(Smiles) I would like to think that I would still be with the WWE.

Look I was at a point before The New Day that I was almost certain I was either going to be sent back to NXT or who knows, even worse. But honestly, being a part of The New Day changed my career, it changed my life in so many ways. I’m very grateful for it because if New Day never came around, my career wouldn’t have got to the heights it’s at now.

His Dream Opponent

Braun Strowman currently holds the WWE Universal title. I’m coming for him!