Finland’s Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) won Sunday’s Formula 1 Grand Prix in the US, surpassing Dutch driver Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Britain’s Lewis Hamilton. It’s been five long years since Raikkonen’s last win came way back in the 2013 Australian Grand Prix. The Finn made a great start, diving down the inside of Hamilton at Turn 1, and then executed two beautiful stints to convert into victory.

Hamilton now will have to wait a little longer to clinch his fifth F1 world title after Raikkonen claimed his first victory in 113 starts. The Brit finished third in his Mercedes but still increased his title lead to 70 points over Sebastian Vettel, who was back in fourth after an early spin at the Circuit of Americas.

To secure his fifth Grand Prix victory, Hamilton needed to beat runner-up Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) by eight points but ended up defeating the German by only three.

The Englishman is 70 points above Vettel, which means that he needs to finish seventh at next week’s race in Mexico to win the tournament for the fifth time and take his place alongside legendary Argentine driver Juan Manuel Fangio.

Raikkonen claimed his 21st Formula 1 victory, the first one since 2013, when he won the Australian Grand Prix. Spain’s Carlos Sainz (Renault) finished seventh after starting 11th, despite a five-minute time-out.

His countryman, Fernando Alonso (Mercedes), had to leave the competition following a collision with Canada’s Lance Stroll (Williams) during the first of the 56 laps. Mexico’s Sergio Perez (Force India) finished 10th.

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