Roger Federer has not been the epithet of GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) for no reason. The Swiss tennis super star has grabbed headlines again this time for posing for a picture not for the paparazzi but for a fan on request and that too, during a match.

The 38-year-old Federer was involved in a match against Sascha Zverev during one of the tour matches in Buenos Aires and during the course of the match. a fan asked him to pose for a picture.

And what happened after that is exactly why he is the greatest of all time.

The video of the entire incident was shared on Twitter with the caption, “Apparently one of the fans asked Federer to stand still so he could take a good picture.”

Federer obliged to the request and started posing for the fan sitting in the court. He did not just stop for one picture, but started giving some great angles which must have made for some great shots that even professional photographers would crave for!

Some of the angles Federer posed for included him posing as if he was serving in a match and some seemed as if he was right in the middle of a game.

Federer’s expression won the hearts of his fans on Twitter. Here are some reactions:

The reaction of the audience completely stole the show.

Earlier, Federer spoke about how Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic influenced his career. “For sure they have had an impact on my game, I would not say my personality but my fighting spirit, ability to adjust and stay humble and going back to the drawing board and improving again,” he said.

“What Rafa and Novak have achieved in the last decade has been incredible and they made me improve, not only those two but also the next generation coming through like Alexander Zverev or also Juan Martin del Potro. They check you and stress you to become a better player.”