Well, did you know that even Pakistan had a connection with the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup?

We are sure very few knew about it…

Apparently the ball that would be used in the FIFA 2018 World Cup was manufactured in Pakistan. The raw materials that were used in the manufacturing of the ball came from Pakistan. Reports suggest that 40 million balls were made in Pakistan out of which one managed to make it and that is known as ‘Telstar 18’. This is the ball that will be used during the Cup.

It is great to see a South-Asian country make its presence felt at the biggest footballing stage in the world. The ball was manufactured in Sialkot, Pakistan. We cannot confirm the exact amount of balls that have been made for the upcoming tournament in Russia, but the company that has been given the contract of making the balls, makes an estimate of 70,000 balls a month.

If the president of the Pakistan Sports Goods Association, Husnain Cheema is to be trusted, Pakistan’s share of footballs in the world, just in 2018, would be a whopping 10 million. That is not a bad figure by any stretch of imagination.

It is believed that the origin of ball making in Pakistan dates back to the British times of colonialism before 1947. The hand-stitched balls there are believed to be among the best in the world as well.

This is how it was tested by the Russian cosmonauts in space.