Neymar Jr. is one of the biggest attractions in Russia apart from Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi among others. Young Neymar would be shouldering the responsibility of Brazil, who are one of the hot contenders. Brazil drew their opener against Switzerland 1-1 but what grabbed the headlines was Neymar’s hairstyle.

Unique hairstyles to travel kits, everything is given importance at the FIFA World Cup stage. So is Neymar’s hairstyle among the best this year? We cannot confirm that but what can be said is it is not anything ordinary.

One can also remember Cristiano Ronaldo, who donned a similar hairstyle when at Manchester United (his early days). But, Neymar gave it a little twist! Neymar returned to football after March, when he picked up an injury.

Here is how fans hailed Neymar’s Spaghetti-Look:

Here is what Neymar said on his Instagram account before Brazil drew their first tie against Switzerland 1-1. “The big day is here, after four years I am playing in a World Cup again,” Neymar said on Instagram ahead of Switzerland game. What an honour to play for my country and go looking for a big dream. The dream is ours and I am not at all afraid to dream big.”

A draw against Switzerland now puts favourites Brazil in a precarious state in the World Cup Group E.